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5 Ways I'm a Hypocrite Since Becoming a Mom

Before we become parents, we have all of these ideas of how parenting will be, how we’ll be so much better than our parents were. We’ll feed our kids quality food, try to be patient and teach them to be the best kids we’ve ever seen. Problem is, once the kids come along, things change.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve faltered in several avenues of parenting and have done things I never thought I’d do. Of course it’s nothing serious but enough to make me never say never again. For instance, I never thought I’d be one to give my kids hot dogs or stop for fast food but guess what? We’ve done both (more times than I can count).

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Here are 5 more things I said I’d never do:

1. Negotiate with my kids

Little did I know I’d given birth to a little litigator. I’ve learned to pick my battles, and more often than I care to admit, I cave and negotiate down for one more story or an extended bedtime.

2. My kids won’t misbehave in public

I remember being in public and knowing if we didn’t behave, I’d be getting it when we got home. I thought that’s how we’d lay the law with my kids, but it hasn’t been so simple. While I don’t let them run amok, occasionally a meltdown will ensue (or my son will make a break for it and mess up something on the shelves) and well, I have to live with it.

3. My kids won’t sleep in my room

This was one I avoided for quite some time, until my 4-year-old developed a sudden fear of being alone. Now she sleeps in my room each night.

4. Let my kids play with my iPhone/ iPad

This is almost laughable because what parent these days doesn’t hand their device over to their child at one time or another? I may be calling up Elmo songs while we wait for our food to come or queue up a game to entertain my daughter for a little while. It happens.

5. Let my kids eat off the floor

I’m not even embarrassed to admit that I broke this rule. I’ve even caught my daughter blowing on her food that’s fallen on the floor seconds before.

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One expectation that hasn’t changed is the promise to love my kids unconditionally. I’m not the picture-perfect mom I’d hoped I’d be, but in some ways I think I’m better.

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