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I Have a Favorite Child

Parents don’t want to admit that we have a favorite child but I’d like to beg to differ. Going from one child to multiple can be a challenge, and it’s a fear I had when I was pregnant with my second child. ‘How can I love this baby as much as I love her?’ I asked myself.

Well, I’m going to just say it. I have a favorite child — depending on the time of day.

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That’s right. Each of my children take turns being my favorite child. If my husband and I have errands to run, and we decide to divide and conquer, he gives me a choice of which one to take.

If I’m making a quick run to the store, I’m most likely going to choose my 18-month-old son. He may take a little longer to get in and out of the car seat, but he won’t try to negotiate for everything he sees in the store. He also doesn’t ask questions yet, so my mind will be free to wander where it wants. Overall it’s just easier.

Of course this can backfire when I let him out of the cart and he breaks a jar of salsa sitting way too low on the shelf (unfortunately this has happened before).

If I’m giving (her brother) hugs and kisses, she’ll ask me if I want to give her away.

When it comes to which one I’d rather spend a lazy afternoon with, my 4-year-old daughter wins as my favorite child. She’s low maintenance. She can go to the bathroom on her own and entertain herself for a little while if I am in need of a nap. And if I just want to sit and snuggle, she’s my favorite kid for that.

It seems as though whichever child is easier at the moment is my favorite. Of course I don’t vocalize this. My daughter is very sensitive and aware if I’m going to take my son somewhere instead of her. If I’m not careful in the way I phrase it, she’ll be pretty offended. If I’m giving him hugs and kisses, she’ll ask me if I want to give her away, or if I love him more (where does she get this stuff?).

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While I can usually choose a favorite kid from day to day, when you average it all out for a week or year, I can’t choose a winner. I loved my daughter with my whole heart, and when my son was born it was as if my heart grew twice as big to love him just as much.

What about you? Do you have a favorite kid, even if only day-by-day?

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