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15 Things My Toddler Is Thankful For

November is a month for teaching our children to be thankful for all that we have. This week, when I asked my 3-year-old what she was grateful for, she looked at me for a moment, looked at her brother and said, “I’m fankful, I da best!” This made me wonder what else she might be “fankful” for.

So here is a list of things my 3-year-old is most probably “fankful” for in this, the glorious month of Thanksgiving.

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1. That my brother is too little to reach my door knob.

2. That mom is too tired in the morning to remember screen time limits.

3. That mom and dad are terrible communicators and I can probably wrangle a second piece of candy or more screen time out of dad.

4. That mom picks her battles, and wearing sparkly glitter shoes and princess dresses everyday isn’t a battle she picks.

5. That I have a really effective, high-pitched scream.

6. That I can usually outwit, outlast and outwhine any adult who dares tell me that a ballerina leotard isn’t practical in 30 degree weather. What do they know?

7. That when I get upset because mom told me that she can’t find any pink, purple, magic unicorns for me to have, people still think it’s cute.

8. That my little brother doesn’t talk and can’t rat me out for getting into the leftover Halloween candy.

9. That the excessive standards of modern parenting mean my mom is constantly wracked with guilt and more likely to cede to my demands.

10. Look, I’m not saying I did push take that toy, but my little brother is too little to say otherwise. So, that’s pretty awesome.

11. Eternally grateful to whomever advised my mother that I need constant kindness and compassion, even when I’m screaming over the fact that my shirt has a small thread hanging from the sleeve. Even if she gets frustrated and yells, I know she’s agonizing over it.

12. Thankful for all the corporations who make endless amounts of pink, sparkly but ultimately meaningless objects that I can beg for.

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13. Grandmas who shame my mother for not buying me enough tutus! This cup of chocolate milk is raised to you, Grandma!

14. Target, those free cookies are my balm.

15. For my little brother, whose refusal to sleep at night means my parents are so exhausted the likelihood of me getting Fruit Loops for breakfast are pretty good. Thanks, brother. Teamwork.

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