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10 Cheats to Look Good in Photos with Babies

Maybe I’m a horribly shallow person, but has anyone else noticed that taking photos with a baby means taking photos with someone younger than you, less tired than you and undeniably more attractive than you? Every time!

Here are some ways to look your best in photos with babies.

Work that baby. Think about whichever part of your body you’re least confident about. Now tell yourself that you are lovely and accept your flaws as part of who you are as a beautiful person. Blah blah blah. You should always use the baby to hide your flaws. Hold that baby in front of your stomach. Or thighs. Or that weird hickey from the office Christmas party.

Go toward the light. For the most flattering photo, make sure the light is hitting your face straight on. Not from above, not from one side, but directly perpendicular to your face. Avoid direct sunlight or harsh overhead lighting, and instead face a window or the brightest source of light directly, with the camera slightly off center in front of you for the most flattering angle.

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Straighten up. When babies slouch, they look like little squeezable jellybeans. When you slouch next to a baby, you look like Quasimodo. So before the photo is taken, remember: shoulders back, elongate your neck, stomach in.

Get in the background. Have you ever noticed that the person closest to the camera always looks the worst? Being in the foreground means looking wide, shiny and tired for anyone except a baby (who will look adorable and perfect even in extreme close-up). So get behind the baby.

Trust me when I say that you do not want your photo taken with the camera below you (unless you’re going for a double-chin, mega-torso look.)

Fluff that hair. As you age (yeah, I said it), your hair naturally thins and therefore flattens. So before the picture is taken run your fingers through your roots and lift, adding volume to instantly make you look more youthful.

Get low. Babies are smaller than you. Trust me when I say that you do not want your photo taken with the camera below you (unless you’re going for a double-chin, mega-torso look). So either get down on the baby’s level or lift that baby up with his or her face next to yours, so that whoever is taking the picture naturally lifts the lens up to your eyeline.

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Pinch those cheeks. Babies have a natural, dewy glow about them that the rest of us try to replicate with expensive cosmetics. If you’re caught in a photo-opp without makeup, the old-school cheek pinching method actually works. Just give the apples of your cheeks a nice hard squeeze a few seconds before the photo is taken for a rosy flush. If it hurts a little, you know you’re doing it right.

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