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9 Things I'll Miss About Nursing

As a working mom, I know my days are numbered when it comes to breastfeeding my daughter as she will be a year old in a month. I don't plan on continuing to pump once she celebrates her first birthday, but I will nurse her on demand on weekends and in the evening. And really, I'm not sure how long that will even last.

There's a lot I'm going to miss about nursing my daughter. And as much as I know the immense benefits that providing sustenance for my daughter has afforded her, this breastfeeding journey of ours has equally afforded me some benefits. Here is what this busy working mom is going to miss when the nursing sessions come to an end, sooner than later.

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1. Cat Naps

After baby sister is asleep, I'll keep rocking her and close my eyes for a little extra sleep, whether it's nap time or bed time. As a working mom, any extra shut eye is beneficial. Wonder if I can perfect sleeping with my eyes open to get cat naps back in my life?

2. Knowing What's Going on in the World

As I nurse my daughter and pump, I'm often scrolling through my phone. And honestly, as a working mom to two young girls, this time has been the only substantial amount of time I've been able to have to catch up on the goings on in the world. I'm concerned about my worldliness once nursing comes to an end. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

3. Chocolate

No more 300-500 calorie deficit for sitting on my butt.

I'm not saying that I'll give up chocolate completely, but I'll have to moderate my sweets intake once I no longer have the extra buffer of free calories. No more 300-500 calorie deficit for sitting on my butt.

4. Respite

While big sister is busy burning off extra crazy energy before it's her bed time, I've been able to get some peace and quiet as I escape to nurse baby sister to sleep at night.

5. Getting Out of Bathing Big Sister

Some nights the stars don't align and double baths don't happen for my girls. And at the end of a long work day, I'd rather not have to do two separate baths. So I'll miss getting to say, "Nope, got to go nurse the baby to sleep. You give her a bath."

6. Pumping Breaks During Stupid Work Meetings

Excuse me, I have to go pump. Hope you get that worked out before I come back.

As much as I'll be celebrating not having to pump throughout my work day, I'm going to miss getting to excuse myself from work meetings to go pump. Oh, things are about to get a little hectic here—well, excuse me, I have to go pump. Hope you get that worked out before I come back. Oh, you want to chat with me about something dumb? Sorry, can't. I've got to go pump.

7. Avoiding Visitors

Don't get me wrong, I love my family dearly, but on the weekends I need a little down time from the chaos of the work week. I'm going to miss getting to excuse myself upstairs to nurse baby sister when family is over. (No, I'm not opposed to nursing in front of other people; I've done it plenty. Baby sister just gets too distracted to nurse when there's people around.)

8. Easy Baby Nail Clipping

As gross as this may sound, when I'm nursing baby sister, I bite her nails to trim them. She is obsessed with sticking her fingers in my mouth anyways while nursing, so it's just a win-win situation for us. Squirmy babies and nail clippers are not my friend.

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9. Problem-Solving

I'm the type of person that needs to walk away from a situation to figure out a solution or come up with a plan of action. Or, you know, figure out what I'm teaching the next day. And nursing and pumping has forced me to do just that. I'm going to miss this extra empty brain space time where I can clear my head of stressors. Hope the world is ready for me sans this extra time I've had on my hands.

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