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3 Ideas for Entertaining Babies Indoors

Photograph by Getty Images

With the cold weather coming upon us, many parents with babies are looking for indoor activities. But it’s not always feasible—or affordable—to go to Chuck E. Cheese, a bouncy house or a baby gym.

So if old toys have lost their appeal, and you’re looking for ways to entertain baby on the cheap without resorting to TV (at least until the new toys emerge over the holidays), here are some ideas. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get some housework done in before the novelty wears off.

1. Containers, pots and pans

It’s tried and true, and it works. In fact, babies love clanging pots together so much that many parents are left scratching their heads wondering why they just bought that $500 train set for Junior. For an extra treat, give your baby large cooking spoons to bang on the pots. Just make sure you have some earplugs handy and that items don’t have any sharp edges or loose pieces.

Who knows, you may discover you gave birth to the next Ringo Starr.

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2. Watching clothes spin in a front-load washer

Think of it as a large, free kaleidoscope. If you do as much laundry as I do, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sit your baby in front of the machine and let her be entertained by the colorful designs made by the clothes spinning around.

3. Half-deflated mylar balloon

It’s always a good idea to choose mylar balloons over the popular latex ones, since the latter are a choking hazard after they have popped. You can find cheap, helium-filled mylar balloons at the dollar store. Once they’ve lost some of their air, your little one will be thrilled to watch them float up and down. Plus they make a fabulous crinkly sound that babies love.

Happy (indoor) playing!

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