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Stop Calling Pregnant Women 'Huge'

“You're huge!” Well, yes, I am pregnant, you know.

We pregnant women have this conversation one too many times. Today I read a headline: “Hayden Panettiere looks HUGE in teeny bikini.” Um, well, hello? She is about to give birth! Also? She is not that “huge.” She looks amazing and is proud of her bump. I have always wondered why people have the indecency to say this to pregnant women everywhere. We may smile and keep it moving, but it does bother us, even if it’s a little bit. From my point of view, here's why. I am sure other mamas will agree.

First of all, we feel huge. We know! Even at just 20 weeks, I felt huge. I am five feet tall so, believe me, when the bump starts to grow, I feel huge. And trust us. We know our bodies are changing—after all, these are our bodies you're talking about. As a fashion blogger, I choose the pics I post on my social media channels. When people say things like, “Wow! Your belly grew so much!” or “Wow, you got so big!” Well, yeah, I am seven months pregnant, people. So I am praying, every day, that my baby girl keeps growing and is born healthy. I don’t take offense to it, but I do want to sometimes reply with a smart comment. Wouldn’t you?

People should be a little more mindful when they are about to say something that may make others feel uncomfortable, especially pregnant women. When Kim Kardashian was pregnant, people were evil. It was so wrong, the things they said about her, the whale comparisons on the Internet. I felt so bad for that woman. While she is not on top of my list of favorite people, as a woman, I was upset about how mean people can be. She didn’t ask to be that “big” or for her body to change the way it did. We all have different bodies and we try to do our best to feel good. The media and some so-called fans were definitely out of control with her. She was just a beautiful woman going through pregnancy—the most beautiful gift and experience one could ever wish for.

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Being pregnant is one of my favorite aspects of being a woman. It makes me feel empowered and like I can do anything. What is going on inside of me every minute of every day for 40 weeks is truly a miracle. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am making a human, even as I type this. From tiny little cells to an amazing human that my husband and I created. All ours, all just us. It is mind-boggling to even begin to try to understand how amazing a woman’s body truly is. So I enjoy my pregnancies, and I flaunt my bump.

I think society as a whole has a way of being rude and disrespectful to women, pregnant or not—maybe (hopefully) without always noticing. I remember when I was just a few months pregnant, people would say, “Wow, your belly is so small. How many months are you?” It’s like there is no winning. If I am too big, I am too big. If I am too small, I am too small. But what truly matters is how I feel and how well I am taking care of my precious little cargo.

So, next time you see a pregnant woman, take a moment to take a step back. Instead of shouting, “You are huge!” or “Wow, are you about to give birth?” why not make her feel as amazing as she is and simply tell her how beautiful she looks. Because women, no matter what shape, size, form, race or age, are simply stunningly beautiful.

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