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Gift Guide for the Expectant Mom

So you have an expecting mother on your list, and are stumped as to what to get her. You’ve come to the right place. With a pregnant woman, you can take a few different angles: You can get something for her or something for her baby. Or both! She is carrying another human being, after all! Chances are, this year her wish list looks a bit different than years past. In lieu of the most recent designer handbag, she’s probably lusting after a cute and stylish diaper bag. Need some help? Here are a few of our favorite gifts for an expecting mama.

1. Gift card — These are always a good idea. There is nothing more fun than a little shopping spree for baby and for mama!

2. Nail polish — Need a fun stocking stuffer for the expecting mom? A little something to make her feel pretty is just the key. A fun new nail polish shade is inexpensive, cute and something for just her.

3. Cute glassware — Anything fun that she can pour her sparkling water into and pretend that it’s champagne. Believe me, it works.

4. Camera — She’ll need something to take nice pictures and videos of her new sweet baby. A DSLR camera makes for a super nice gift that will come in quite handy for capturing those moments that she’ll want to look at again and again!

5. Swaddle blankets — These are absolutely necessary for the first few months of baby’s life, and will make mama’s life easier too. They can be used for so many different things: swaddling, nursing cover, blanket, floor mat, burp cloth, you name it. We love the Aiden + Anais brand, which are made from 100% muslin and are soft, durable, huge and come in lots of cute patterns!

6. Fun toiletries — Showering mom with a luxurious bubble bath, lotions, and shower gel is just what she’ll love this year. Her body is going through a lot, so she could most certainly use some pampering!

7. Chocolate — Everybody needs chocolate. It’s just a fact. And when you’re pregnant, that need is amplified. Give her all of the chocolate.

8. Diaper bag — But not just any diaper bag. Get her a cute, stylish and functional bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Because nobody wants that.

9. "One Line a Day" Journal — Most moms don’t have time to write a novel each day. This "One Line a Day" journal is perfect for remembering those little moments in the day that you just don’t want to forget. It’s a no pressure way to journal.

10. Body pillow — Because comfort is important, especially while pregnant, and it’s something that is hard to come by. These body pillows definitely help make a good night’s sleep a little more possible for an expecting mom.

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