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Stop Stressing Over Baby's First Christmas

This year is an important one for me. This year is my baby's first Christmas. Amongst all of the hustle and bustle, I find myself wanting to slow time a little bit, as I suppose everyone does. Time, that cruel and unwavering entity. It never slows down. It never stops. Not for anyone. Certainly not for parents, who sometimes probably wish for it more than anyone else. And during the busy holiday season, where everything is always go, go, go, there is especially seemingly less time.

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This is Baby's First Christmas, and I want everything to be perfect. I need to get all of the Pinterest-worthy photo opportunities. I need a picture of Baby at the tree lot, of Baby in front of his first tree, staring in awe and wonderment at all of the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments. I need a picture of Baby with a big present in his lap, and of Baby on Santa's knee (bonus points if he's wailing because those photos are just really cute). But the more I think of the fact that it's Baby's First Christmas, the more I realize, it's someone else's first Christmas, too. It's my first Christmas.

This is my first Christmas as a mom. It's my first Christmas experiencing all of this magic with a little mini-me by my side. It's my first Christmas playing the role of magic-creator. And it's scary. It's overwhelming. It's a big responsibility. It's parenthood.

I keep worrying that I won't make it magical enough. I keep worrying that I'll somehow miss out on the really big moments that make up an important first Christmas. Everything must be perfect. Everything must be this big spectacle. Because it is, after all, Baby's First Christmas! That's a big deal!

Baby's First Christmas isn't about making your hair turn gray. This first Christmas is about keeping it simple. Keeping it sweet.

But I'm proposing something to my fellow first Christmas-ers out there. Let's not be so hard on ourselves, OK? Let's enjoy each small moment this season, but let's not overthink them. Let's stop putting all of this added pressure on ourselves. Let's stop being consumed by what everyone tells us we need and let's focus on what's really important. Firstly, that you survive this Christmas. Secondly, that you remember to enjoy the small moments—because those are the moments you will remember for years to come.

The magic of Christmas lies in the stolen moments with your loved ones. It's in the twinkle in your baby's eyes as they catch the lights on the tree. It's in his giggles from playing with a big bow while you're wrapping presents. It's in the warmth you feel as you snuggle your baby in front of your roaring fire. The magic of Christmas isn't found in crowded malls, nor is it in the amount of presents under your tree. The magic of Christmas isn't in overpriced perfect stockings or a meticulously decorated mantel. The true magic of Christmas is in the love that you share with your family and friends. It's in the memories you'll make. It's in the special traditions that belong to only you.

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You don't have to look far for the magic of Christmas. Just look into your baby's sweet face, with his eyes locked onto yours as you sing Christmas carols aloud. Baby's First Christmas isn't about making your hair turn gray. It's not about running around like a chicken with her head cut off. This first Christmas is about keeping it simple. Keeping it sweet. Keeping it all about love. And remembering that it really isn't just Baby's First Christmas. It's your first Christmas, too. So enjoy it. Every second.

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