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Mom and Baby Holiday Outfit Inspiration

The holidays are a busy and exciting time for everyone, so let us take the guess work out of what you’ll wear! We’ve picked our favorite (and totally adorable) mom and baby looks that are just perfect for the holidays. Because you have to take advantage of this time to kind of match with your little one before they have a say and veto it completely! We say “kind of” because these outfits aren’t really matchy-matchy, but they go together just right. You and your littles will be picture perfect this holiday season with any of these cute outfits!

1. Mad for Plaid — We are absolutely loving all things plaid for the holidays! It’s a cute and easy way to match your little one, too. You can match colors or go for totally different patterns—like a plaid and a checkered print—for a similar look that won’t clash one bit.

Images via Kaszka Z Mlekiem and Brooklyn Blonde

2. Stripes on Stripes — This is the perfect winter outfit duo for mama and baby! The striped shirts go together nicely, and I love the subtle matching of faux fur, too. This is just the right amount of matching without being too matchy-matchy. Basically, they nailed it.

Image via Hey Natalie Jean

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3. Scarves! — Throw on a cute and cozy knit scarf to keep you warm in the cold weather this season. Make it plaid to be extra festive, and make sure your little one has one too!

Images via Zara and Tumblr

4. Sweater and a Skirt — Wearing a nice knit sweater over a skirt is a chic combination that we always love. Dress your little princess the same way, but with different textures and colors for a perfect mini and me holiday look!

Images via Mamma and Kendie Everyday

5. Throw a Cape On — Pick one article of clothing to match, and focus on just that. A cape is both fashionable and keeps you warm from the cold—the perfect choice for a chic holiday outfit for you both!

Images via Kaszka Z Mlekiem and Teen Vogue

6. Knit Sweaters — There is nothing better to wear in the winter and holiday season than a cozy knit sweater. We love these looks for both mama and baby!

Images via Mamma and Stylista

7. Holiday Sparkle! — Nothing says “party” more than some sparkle! Sequins aren’t just for the babies either, moms can rock them too! And you should! Oh, how you should.

Images via Sugar Plum Lane and Man Repeller

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8. Camel Coat — Go ahead, buy matching coats for you and your baby. It’s cute. Promise. Not only will they keep you both warm and toasty, but you’ll both be styling for the season.

Images via Meagan Ready and Damsel in Dior

9. Beanies — Babies need their heads to be kept warm. But here’s the thing: Mama does too. Top off your outfits with some cute knit beanies (bonus for an extra big pom on top!) and brave the cold together.

Image via Tumblr/The Mountain Laurel

10. Get the Whole Family In on It! — OK, I just had to include this one. Because matching with your littles doesn’t have to be just between Mama and Baby. Let Dad in on the fun! An added bonus: It makes for THE cutest pics ever.

Image via Tumblr

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