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13 Hilarious Google Auto-Fills for Parents

Photograph by Getty Images

Google auto-fill is a feature that suggests popular search terms based on what you’ve typed so far. In the process, it sheds some light on the many ridiculous, strange or just bizarre questions that parents ask in the privacy of their own homes.

What are you secretly Googling?

"Why does my baby smell like cheese?"

Apparently our babies smell like a lot of things and we’re all a bit concerned.

"Can moms be made with wheat flour?"

You can make a lot of things with wheat flour but I’m pretty sure moms are gluten-free.

"Can breast milk cure ebola?"

Some moms got a little overconfident after seeing the wonders of breast milk did on their baby’s cradle cap.

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"Why do toddlers eat dirt?"

All of these things. At my house. Right now.

"Mom tips for leaving child in car"

This one is more scary than funny.

"Is it true that babies see angels?"

So, it looks like there may be a few misconceptions going around about babies.

"Can moms wear skinny jeans?"

I say yes on skinny jeans and no on crop tops. Who’s with me?

"My toddler ate cat poop"

This makes you feel better when you’re the one searching “my toddler ate Play-Doh” instead of the one searching about poop.

"Are toddlers allowed to gamble?"

No, toddlers are not allowed to gamble. So sorry to ruin your weekend plans.

"Can an infant poop too much?"

I’ve been there, people. But as hard as it is to believe, that amount of excrement is normal.

"Can dads breastfeed?"

Stop holding out on us, dads.

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"Potty training is a nightmare"

Yes. All of the above.

"When do moms use Facebook?"

It’s a big concern. Don’t worry. You’ll find the time.

Images by Brigitte Dale via Google

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