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7 Secret Perks of Pregnancy Bed Rest

Most moms will tell you that pregnancy bed rest blows. You're stuck home, alone, like a prisoner wearing an ankle monitor, and the only person who gets to see your fabulous pregnancy glow is the UPS guy.

But I'm here to tell you, bed rest is not all bad.

I was confined to the couch from weeks 22-36 while pregnant with my 4-year-old. Now that I'm knocked up again, I've been expecting the same doctor's orders, but incredibly, I'm still up and around. (My incompetent cervix gained competence. Must have been those graduate school courses I made it take.)

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While I'm grateful to have my freedom, there are a few things I genuinely miss about bed rest, like never getting dressed. If you or someone you love has been sent to bed, here are some things to look forward to:

1) A Vacation From Work – Why bring home the bacon when you could be eating it? Getting sent home from your job when you're hugely pregnant can be a real blessing. It's a guilt-free excuse to escape the grind and put your feet up, just when you need to the most. I worked freelance, so I was actually able to quit my job and receive disability—aka a weekly check for just laying there. Best. Thing. Ever.

2) Who Needs Maternity Clothes? – When you're trying to save your cash for that fancy stroller, it can be annoying buying yourself a whole new wardrobe that you're only going to wear for a few months. On bed rest, you barely need any maternity clothes because no one will see how ridiculous you look with your belly button and ass crack hanging out.

Having a baby usually signals the end of free time, so how nice to have a last chance to do whatever YOU want to do.

3) Taking Naps Whenever You Like – Pregnancy symptoms? What pregnancy symptoms? When you're bed-bound, fatigue and back pain are non-issues. Now that I know what it feels like to chase a hyper preschooler while big as a whale, I can't tell you how much I'd like a prescription to lay down.

4) Time to Nest – Sure, you need tons of stuff to get ready for baby, but it's kind of awesome that you're not allowed to go to the mall—that means no parking, no annoying people and no schlepping. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish online, even if you're on your back. When I was on bed rest, I was able to gear up, design the nursery, start a baby book and even pre-order my baby announcements. I will never be that organized again.

5) No Grooming – Unless you're planning on doing a lot of Facetime, you can skip makeup, blow-drying, shaving your legs and anything else that human women feel obligated to do before they leave the house. You can even skip showering—which, since it involves standing up, will make your doctor very happy.

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6) Boot Camp for Dads-to-Be – Partners of women on bed rest do have to pick up the slack, and that's a good thing. My not-very-domestic husband really stepped up his caretaking game by cooking, cleaning and tending to my many needs, all of which was excellent preparation for taking care of our newborn. (I think he would tell you the newborn was easier.)

7) Major "Me" Time – Having a baby usually signals the end of free time, so how nice to have a last chance to do whatever YOU want to do. While on bed rest, I caught up on TV (might I suggest binge-watching "Parenthood"?), learned to knit and reached out to old friends by phone. Bed rest can be boring and frustrating at times, but looking back I can see how good it was to have some calm before the storm.

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