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10 Crazy Crunchy Things Kourtney Kardashian Does

I’ve always been a closet Kardashian fan. I know they are ridiculous and probably sold their souls to the devil, but deep down, they actually seem like a really close-knit family, and I love that. Plus, there’s nothing like some good quality, reality TV to get me through a workout.

My loyalties lie with Kourtney Kardashian. Ever since I found myself unexpectedly expecting and subsequently always pregnant after that, I’ve feel a certain kinship with the oldest sister of the brood. And what I’ve always admired about her is how she seems to march to the beat of her own drum, even indulging in some crazy crunchy parenting fads.

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1. Eschewing deodorant

While pregnant and breastfeeding (so, always?), Kourtney doesn’t wear deodorant, believing that the chemicals can trickle down into her breast milk through her skin because of the close proximity and cause potential harm to the baby. And even though her man and her sister complain that she stinks of B.O, Kourtney could care less.

2. Eating her own placenta

Unlike the episode where Kimmy K. supposedly orders up a placenta online and fries it up for dinner, Kourtney proudly displayed her placenta pills for the whole world to see on Instagram, citing that she would be “sad” when they ran out and dubbing the ground-up organ capsules as “life-changing.” Yum!

3. Delivering her own babies

I’m totally at peace in the natural birthing world—I had two natural births with midwives, I’ve worked for years as a labor and delivery nurse, and I’m genuinely interested in the mystery of birth, so when it came time to have my first daughter, I was intent on delivering her myself, imagining that empowered moment when I would lift her from my own body and feel the rush of new motherhood. Turns out, it’s a lot trickier than you would think to pull your kid out of your vagina—but somehow Kourtney made it look effortless, delivering both her son and her daughter Penelope.

4. Extended breastfeeding

Kourtney has breastfed all of her children and even nursed son Mason until he was 14 months old and her daughter until 16 months old. OK, this isn’t crazy at all to me (I breastfed my first daughter for 15 months), but to some people, moms who breastfeed past that holy one-year mark are somehow weirdos. Even though, let the record show that the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for at least two years.

5. Having a family bed

The jury is out on this one, but like a lot of pointless things that people get riled up about parenting, there is a lot of controversy in co-sleeping. Some say it ruins marriages, others that it’s basically child abuse because of the increased risk of SIDS, and still others claim that anything less of bed sharing is horribly neglectful. Kourtney is in the king-sized family bed camp, admitting that she shares a bed with her kids, even though Scott isn’t such a fan.

6. Drinking breast milk

I have to admit that as a breastfeeding mom, I have definitely been curious as to what that “liquid gold” actually tastes like—but never curious enough to actually taste it myself. But Kourtney has. And her sister Khloe did not approve.

7. Getting oil enemas

Nothing like relaxing with a tube of oil up your butt, right Kourt? While little sister Kim refused to join Kourtney in this organic remedy, Kourtney apparently swears by the treatment, which literally “flushes” toxins right out of your body. Um, OK. And allow me to just tell you that as a nurse, I’ve given plenty of enemas, so I assure you there’s nothing glamorous about this one. Like, at all.

8. Making baby food

With her first son, Kourtney claimed to make his own baby food. Again, this isn’t so crazy, but it is crazy if she’s being honest. I mean, couldn’t she hire someone full-time to make her kid’s all-natural, organic, locally-sourced baby food?

9. Letting her babies set the schedule

No rigid sleeping schedules for Kourtney and her kids. She goes with the flow and lets their freestyle lifestyle and her babies set the rules for when sleeping, napping and eating happens. I can dig it.

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10. Eating her kids' spit-up

This one probably happened by accident, unlike another certain celebrity who purposefully regurgitates her baby’s food, but Kourtney confessed to “loving” when her son Mason spit up in her mouth while she was giving him a big ol’ Mama smooch.

Image via Instagram

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