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10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues With a Baby

Well, it’s January and we are all in the throes of winter. The weather outside is frigid, snow is covering everything and you are stuck indoors with your baby. You probably feel like the walls are closing in on you, and if you have to play patty cake one more time you might snap. But have no fear! Well, I’ve got a few suggestions on what to do to make that cabin fever go away, and keep you and your baby happy.

Read books. Make sure to make fun and exaggerated voices for each different character, and make it interactive! Let Baby turn the pages and feel each one. Baby loves hearing your voice, and snuggling up together is a great way to spend an afternoon. Switch it up, and give your baby the book so she can “read” it to you, too.

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Go “sledding” indoors. If you have hardwood floors or tile, that is ideal. Place Baby on a soft folded blanket or in a big box, and pull him across the floors. He will absolutely love the ride and I guarantee a lot of laughs and giggles will be coming from the both of you. It’s great cardio for you, too!

Art projects. Don’t be afraid to get a little (OK, a lot) messy with your baby! Lay down newspaper, break out the nontoxic finger paint and create some masterpieces! Bonus, you’ll have some great art pieces to frame and put up in the nursery or to add to the baby book. If you don’t have any paint, use food and let him finger paint on his high chair tray!

Build a fort. Take all of your blankets and pillows and create the most epic fort you’ve ever made. Then climb in it and have a tickle fight or play games inside. Baby will love the bonding and closeness and having you on her level.

You probably feel like the walls are closing in on you, and if you have to play patty cake one more time you might snap.

Make a movie. Channel your inner Steven Spielberg and break out the video camera to make some fun (and adorable!) videos of you and your baby. Make a video of your whole day together, from start to finish, and then piece it all together with music. You’ll have a video you will cherish forever!

Cook something up. Bring Baby into the kitchen with you, strap her in her highchair in the middle so she sees you at all times, and cook! Get her involved by handing her food and explaining what it is, talking her through your steps, letting her smell the spices and herbs that you’re using, and dancing around to make it fun and exciting! If you’ve got a toddler, let her help mix ingredients together so she can be a part of the process, as well. Chances are she’ll be more likely to eat the food that she “made” herself!

Start a band. Break out the pots and pans, fill old oatmeal containers with rice to serve as shakers, get out your wooden spoons and make music! This will awaken your baby’s senses and is sure to delight him! Your job is to accompany him on the drums and come up with some lyrics to go along with the music. This is sure to liven up any dreary day!

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Play ball. Get out a soft ball and roll it on the floor to your baby. If he’s working on crawling, this is a great way to give him incentive to move! You can even set up your own makeshift basket or goal for a fun indoor game.

Mirror, mirror. Prop your baby in front of a mirror and let her flirt with that cute baby on the other side! A baby loves to see her reflection, and she may even start talking to it and making silly faces. As she gets older, play dress up and strike poses in front of the mirror!

Exercise. Get out your yoga mat and do some poses with your baby! Play peekaboo in downward dog and lift baby up in the air while you do your crunches and squats. Including your baby in your workout is a fun way to interact together and a great way to really work those muscles!

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