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Interest Group Opposes 'American Sniper' Fake Baby

On behalf of the American Association of Baby Actors and Actresses of America (AABAAAOA), we strenuously object to the use of a fake plastic baby (FPB) during the filming of "American Sniper," starring Bradley Cooper.

The use of FPBs in film deteriorates the contribution of the real human babies (RHBs), who work hard at their technique. Some of these babies have been working for two, three weeks, honing their craft. Some RHBs have spent their entire lives in furtherance of their art.

The use of a FPB completely invalidates their vast body of work.

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RHBs bring value to every movie they appear in. They have a far-reaching skill set — cooing, crying, laughing, looking happy, looking sad, looking cute, pooping, spitting up. Some RHBs who are more advanced in age (AARPRHBs) can even roll over. The value of a RHB in a movie as opposed to a FPB cannot be overstated.

The FPB in "American Sniper" was stiff, unmoving and unresponsive. It didn’t even look like a RHB. Not to mention the horrible effects on the environment that come with the hiring of a FPB. Use of a FPB is not the green choice. RHBs do not contribute to landfills; they simply grow up and become adult humans (non-working actors). Some may even move on to become contributing members of society. There is presently a movement within the AABAAAOA to require all RHBs to use cloth diapers, making the hiring of a RHB the greenest of all the green choices.

The most famous of all RHBs ever to appear in film, Sofia Coppola, who was just an infant when she appeared in "The Godfather," had this to say on the matter of RHBs in film: “No comment.” Her silence speaks volumes. A clear protest against the use of FPBs in movies today.

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The atrocity of using a FPB in "American Sniper" should not be encouraged, and it most certainly should not be applauded. We hereby call for the renouncement of the Oscar nomination for this film based on this dreadful error in judgment.


The members of the AABAAAOA

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