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Circumcision for the LOLs

People circumcise their baby boys for a variety of reasons: religious custom, purported health benefits, or just because it’s what the parents are accustomed to. We did it, however, because we thought it would be funny.

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Think about it! What’s funnier and cuter than a little tiny baby penis? Very few things (except maybe a worm wearing a hat, or a comically small cashew, or a pink packing peanut.) So wouldn’t it just be pushing the envelope to take that little penis and give it a teeny tiny haircut? Then, the penis is even tinier and even more naked! It’s like taking a newborn puppy and giving it a shave!

I swear, circumcision makes a new parent’s life more entertaining.

Some people say circumcision is cruel but everybody knows that babies can’t feel anything until they are two years old. That’s why they call them the terrible twos: because suddenly, children gain feeling throughout their bodies, and it’s awful! That’s why toddlers cry so much. So don’t let that “old wives tale” slow you down.

I swear, circumcision makes a new parent’s life more entertaining. Even though we were tired and overwhelmed in the early days of our son’s life, every time we opened up his diaper we just had a good laugh looking at his funny little circumcised penis. We’d definitely do it again.

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So, give it some thought, next time you’re trying to decide whether or not to circumcise your son. Is your life a little blah, a little devoid of entertainment? If so, go ahead and get that bad boy cut. Any way you slice it, circumcision is a fun time.

Image via Flickr/Rena Tom

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