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Running a 5K, Month 2

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I am officially a month into my resolution for 2015 of running a 5k, and I honestly can’t believe I’ve actually stuck to a running plan for this long! Embarrassingly enough, I never have stuck to any sort of running routine for this long, ever. Seriously. So the fact that I have spent 4 weeks building up my running endurance is something to be very proud of, and I am indeed.

One thing that has kept me going is the support that I have received from my husband. He has been doing the Couch to 5K program with me, and it has made a world of difference. I more than likely would have already given up by now if it weren’t for my husband lacing up his running shoes with me each day. He has kept me motivated and accountable, both very important things in any fitness routine. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to start a new routine, whatever it may be, to connect with an accountability partner- someone to meet up with and work out together or to check in with periodically. For me, I’m lucky enough to have my accountability partner live with me, and so when I’m sitting on the couch whining about wanting to eat a donut instead of going for a run, he can lift me up (sometimes literally) and drag my feet out the door and onto the pavement. And I do the same for him. We keep each other accountable and we make sure the other doesn’t quit, and it has been working fantastically.

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Our Couch to 5K app has us running three days a week, for 30 minutes each day. It’s a great program for beginners like us because it allows us to gradually build our running endurance. It has been just challenging enough to know it’s working, but also the perfect amount of fitness to make sure we don’t wear ourselves out or get too sore to move the next day—a problem I had a lot in the past when I would start to run. You see, I never really grasped the idea that to begin running, you shouldn’t simply sprint out the gate and run as fast and long as you possibly can until you collapse. Because then your entire body will be sore the next day and you won’t be able to move, let alone run, for a week straight. Thanks to this new running program, I have learned the key to beginning to run is to take baby steps and build up your endurance. In week 4, I have begun to notice it is definitely a challenge, but nothing I can’t handle.


My running journey has not been without its challenges. One major set back that I have experienced quite recently is that I got sick last week. I was so sick, my entire body ached and my nose was running and I felt fatigued for a week straight. Now, I am a huge proponent of listening to your body and taking care of yourself, and I knew in my mind (as much as I wanted to fight it) that I needed to take it easy and rest. This meant putting our running on hold for a week. Now, this was extremely frustrating for me and not something I had foreseen happening, but I knew it would only make me feel worse if I tried to continue running through the sickness. So I took a week off. I rested my body and slowly felt better. And then I got back out there continued right where I left off. And I was surprised at just how good it felt! For the first time, I can say that I feel like a true runner! Sure, I wish I hadn’t gotten sick. I wish I could say I am right on track with the program, exactly as it is meant to be. The Type-A planner in me really had a hard time pushing back the entire program one week and having to change my schedule around. Instead, I took a step back, and when I got back out there, I powered through the half hour of jogging/walking and I not only felt rejuvenated and strong, but also like I could take on anything!


So what I’ve taken from this past month is that my body is capable of some pretty amazing things. I already learned that from childbirth (can I get an amen?) but I experienced it all over again after allowing myself to get well and then kicking butt at our running program. This next month, I plan on sticking to our schedule of running three days a week, with a few toning workouts and weight training sessions in between those days. I also plan on stretching every single day, as I have noticed it is extremely important to make sure my muscles are performing their best. Hopefully the days ahead are full of health and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

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