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16 Signs You're Ready for Another Baby

My baby just turned 10 months old (how this happened, I have no idea), and I've found myself getting that itch of baby fever once again. He's so cuddly and sweet and fun, and I want 10 more of him—STAT! He's hit that sweet spot where he's sleeping like an angel, behaving so well, everything he does is cute and he's a joy to be around—how quickly we forget about the pains of childbirth and the sleepless nights and overwhelming days! I just want more babies, OK?!

A few months ago, I would have laughed in your face if you'd told me to have another. And now? Oh, how the tables have turned. This got me thinking, how did my fellow mamas with more than one baby know when they were ready for another? So I took to the street (er, the internet) and asked them all. Here are their responses—all sweet and funny and honest.

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1. "Someone once told me that the greatest gift you can give your child is a sibling. It never resonated with me until one day I saw my son playing alone in our living room and talking to himself as though he was his own playmate. It was then when I knew we needed to become a family of four." — Kay V.

2. "A few months after I was done nursing my first, I was ready. I needed to have my body be my own for a while before handing it back over to another little person." — Brittany L.

3. "I suffered from postpartum depression with my first, so I was hesitant to bring another baby into the mix for awhile. It took prayer to soften my heart and some (not-so) gentle prodding from my husband, and we now have a very sweet 7-week-old little boy!" — Mandy B.

4. "I wanted my first to have all her baby moments to herself! We decided a three-year gap was perfect." — Mandi A.

5. "My husband was actually the one to tell me he wanted another! Our oldest daughter had just had her first birthday, and he is the one who wanted a second! I quickly gave in." — Courtney W.

"Are you ever really ready?"

6. "I knew I was ready for another baby when the two lines appeared on the pregnancy test." — Kate R.

7. "I was ready for another baby when my first was potty trained! Double diaper duty just wasn't going to happen." — Manda B.

8. "My daughter just turned 2, and I'm newly pregnant. I wanted to be pregnant; I wanted to breastfeed again. I want a little baby in my arms. I just missed it ever since my daughter became independent and a full-blown toddler. We are more than ready!" — Stephanie G.

9. "I always knew I wanted more than one, and knowing that it took nearly three years to conceive our son, we didn't want to prevent the possibility of another baby. Little did we know that when my son was 4½ months old, I would get pregnant with our second! So we didn't really have the chance to decide if we were ready or not! But I don't regret a thing." — Desiree L.

10. "My ovaries were screaming, 'You are going to be 30 soon!' So that was a wake-up call for me!" — Kate F.

11. "We saw our son playing with a smaller kid at the playground, and both of our hearts melted. We looked at each other and gave 'the look' and have been trying for No. 2 ever since." — Laura J.

12. "I wanted Baby No. 2 soon so they could be close friends. We waited a little more than a year, and they will have 22 months of difference. I think that you can think too much and it's easier to give up the idea of a second child because you become more comfortable in taking care of an older child and don't want to go back to sleepless nights and diapers. So, my advice? Don't think too much." — Taciana T.

13. "Are you ever really ready?" — Heather N.

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14. "We knew we wanted our kids close in age, so as soon as we got the OK from the doctor, we started trying for No. 2. They're 16 months apart and best friends, just what I was hoping for." — Jess D.

15. "The day my little girl turned 3 months, I was ready for another. We're planning on waiting a few more years before we add No. 2, but to be honest, I would love a happy accident." — Katriel B.

16. "We knew we wanted our kids close in age, and I started feeling really baby-hungry when my first turned 8 months old. I think when you know, you just know!" — Marci W.

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