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Gen X vs. Millennial: The 20-Something Mom's Take

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sherri Kuhn, 50, and Katie Michelle Reyes, 27, give us a unique window into parenting. Sherri looks back at raising kids in the '90s, while Katie gives us a clear snapshot of what it's like for a millennial mom parenting in a different century. Katie is mom to a 10-month-old and Sherri is mom to a 16-year-old and 20-year-old.

Parenting is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Some things are drastically different today than they once were, but some things haven’t changed a bit. While some things may have changed, one thing we’ve found is that the one universal truth is that we are all just doing the best we can, and that is something that will never change.

1. What is your favorite activity to do with your mom friends and their babies?

I love being active with my mom friends. We all get together and go on walks and jogs. Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air with our littles is something that is good for everyone involved! Being a stay-at-home mom, I’m pretty much all baby, all the time, so it’s nice to get a break and have real adult conversations, even if those conversations almost always go back to our babies! And the exercise is an added bonus!

The Gen X Mom's Take: Sherri on her favorite activity

2. Disposable or cloth?

Disposable diapers, 100%! Just the thought of cloth diapers grosses me out! First, I want nothing to do with washing poopy diapers. And second, they just sound like way too much work. I like wadding them up and throwing them away, never to be seen again, thank you very much.

3. What’s your best trick for getting your baby to sleep?

White noise! It is a literal godsend. It drowns out all of the other outside noises and makes it so that we don’t feel the need to tiptoe around, too. I can’t sleep without it myself now!

4. What parenting gadget would you NOT give up for anything?

I could not live without our video baby monitor. We have creaky wood floors, so going into our baby’s room to check on him is a surefire way to wake him up. Enter, the video monitor. It lets us see that he’s OK without waking him up, plus it gives us peace of mind since we’re crazy paranoid first-time parents.

5. What’s your biggest health concern for your baby?

I was petrified of SIDS during the first few months of his life. I always put him to sleep on his back, swaddled up tight, with no bumpers or blankets or anything extra in his crib. He still only sleeps with one lovey in his crib with him and that’s it. I’m not taking any chances!

The Gen X Mom's Take: Sherri's biggest health concern

6. Pacifier or no?

When he was born, I was very against using a pacifier. I had been told it creates nipple confusion and I didn’t want to create any sort of crutch. Once he turned one month old, we introduced a pacifier and it helped immensely whenever he cried or was fussy. Then a few months later he just gave it up on his own and moved on to sucking his thumb! I personally prefer the thumb, since it’s always attached to him and he can control it himself. I have every bit of faith that he will give it up, too, just as easily as he gave up the pacifier.

7. How many pictures would you estimate you take of your baby in a week?

Oh, gosh. Is a million a believable number? I literally am taking pictures of him constantly. My iPhone is always at max capacity and I am forever having to weed through the 30 photos of him in slightly different positions each day. It’s ridiculous.

8. TV: yes or no?

No. I prefer reading to him, singing songs and playing with him myself. I just don’t think screen time is beneficial to him yet, so we stay away from it. When he’s a toddler, we’ll let him watch some educational programs, but until then, I see no point.

9. How long did you wait until you regularly took your baby out in public?

I was a hermit for the first few months of my baby’s life. It wasn’t until he was about 3 months old that I finally got up the courage to venture out in public with my baby in tow, and even then it was quite the production. Thank God for baby carriers, because I probably wouldn’t have even done that if I didn’t have him strapped to my chest!

10. Where do you primarily shop for your baby's clothes?

I do all of my baby clothes shopping online. I find lots of cute small businesses via Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest that I get his little leggings and moccasins from. He looks adorable and I love that I’m supporting entrepreneurs and fellow moms!

The Gen X Mom's Take: Sherri's pre-Internet picks

11. Favorite bedtime books.

We have a few bedtime books that we read over and over again. “Goodnight Moon” is a classic that we all love. We also love “You Are My Cupcake,” “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Going to Bed Book.”

12. Branded characters or no?

We own some things with Disney characters on them and I think it’s completely harmless and fun! I personally prefer the non-brand items, like generic animals and cute prints, but have no problem owning some branded things as well. It’s all about balance!

13. Posting pictures on Facebook or privacy settings on lockdown?

I run a blog where I post pictures of my baby and family, so I have no problem sharing with the world. However, my Facebook is on private and is only viewable to friends and family. There are some things that should remain private and it’s hard to know where to draw the line sometimes, but I think it’s very important to do so! My blog and public profiles are heavily edited to keep out certain personal parts of our lives, and I intend to keep it that way.

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14. Marriage before or after baby?

For me personally, it was important to be married before having a baby, but I don’t judge anyone for any choices that they make. It simply isn’t my place.

15. Nanny or daycare center?

Whatever works! I am a work-at-home mom, so I have to balance my work time and play time, and I schedule my days around my baby’s naptimes. I could definitely see myself hiring a babysitter a few days a week down the road so I can solely focus on my writing and blogging. We shall see!

The Gen X Mom's Take: Sherri's work-life balance

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