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Dads Saving the Day — in GIFs

My husband has always been the adventurous one. He can toss our giggling toddler into the air with no fear. Meanwhile, I stand nearby yelling, “Not so high!” It seems that along with being fearless, dads also remain incredibly steady in the face of imminent danger (whether slight or major).

Some call it “dad reflexes”; others say it's “entering dad-mode.”

Here are a few moments when those reflexes became necessary. Some of these will put your mom senses on edge, but don't worry: Dad's got this. And we love them for it.

1. Nice catch

A day at the swings — what could go wrong? Not only does this super dad manage to catch his flying son by the legs, but he does it with another child in arms. He never even looks worried either; he just acts.

2. Bike lesson

This dad races in just before a little girl is about smash her bike into a parked car. This one gets extra points for doubling as a lesson: if your child is in motion, and you're unable to stop it, diverting that motion might still save the day.

3. Grandpa skills

Dad reflexes become grandpa reflexes. Seeing this, my mom instincts are screaming, “Don't put a wobbly baby on your shoulders!” But this grandpa manages to make a superb catch. Phew!

4. First steps save

Proving that dads can bend the rules of physics, this one manages to catch his toddler just before the kid face-plants onto the ground. Like all good dads, he checks again to make sure his child is really OK. Yep, unscathed.

5. Not today

Typical Friday night: you assemble around a hastily built ramp on which you're about to launch some remote-control toy cars. Suddenly, one veers off the ramp, and this dad reaches in to save his little girl from imminent collision. If I were the mom filming this? You can believe we are never doing this again.

6. Hero dad

While some of these situations involve would-be bumps and bruises, this dad saves a child from serious injury. He catches a little one who falls from a second-story. Our hearts are in our throats until we see everyone is safe in the end. Bravo, Dad!

7. Birthday rescue

Not every save is dramatic, but that doesn't make them less important. This dad manages to take the cake by catching the cake.

8. Dad speed

Watch as this dad seemingly breaks the speed of light and saves a child from being hit by a runaway Cozy Coupe carrying two others. Whatever is powering this dad: we want some.

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image source: imgur.com & Twenty20/arashhg

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