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You Know You’re a Mom When ...

As if giving birth wasn’t enough, here are 13 all-too-familiar situations that drive home the reality of motherhood. If you’ve got two minutes to spare in between changing a diaper and doing a fifth load of laundry for the day, we hope you enjoy these “You Know You’re a Mom When …” moments

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1. You’ve mastered the art of the "whisper yell."

Both scary and effective, this is best used in public when you don’t want to come off like a total nut-ball.

Image via Toothpaste for Dinner

2. You’ve been wearing a messy bun for so long you don’t know how long your hair actually is.

Heads up: Your husband prefers the messy bun to the alternative of cutting off your hair.

3. Getting fancy means putting on earrings.

Adding earrings to anything automatically takes your look to the next level.

4. Getting into your first choice preschool means more than getting into a club.

Since when did you need to be VIP status to get your child into a preschool?!

5. You’d rather sleep than shop, eat or even breathe.

You find yourself playing "fort games" just so you can lay down and maybe sneak in two minutes of sleep.

6. It’s perfectly normal to throw on a puffy vest in lieu of a bra.

Technically your "girls" are covered … does it really matter if it’s not a bra?

7. Arriving 15 minutes late means you are actually early.

Throw out anything you knew about time zones. The only one that matters now is MST (Mom Standard Time). Other moms are on this time zone and don’t expect you to arrive on time.

8. Receiving hand-me-downs makes you as giddy as winning the lottery.

Having a friend with older kids who hands their clothes down to you is priceless.

9. Brushing your teeth feels luxurious.

Water, bubbles, light massaging of the gums … I’ll take it.

Image via Funny Commercials World

10. You wish kid shoes were ambidextrous so you’d never have to answer “Is this the right foot?” again.

Mom Hack: You can solve this by writing the first half of your kid’s name on the left insert and the second half of their name on the right insert. Then they have to line up the shoes properly to see their name before putting them on!

11. Your conditioner recommends leaving on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. As if!

It’s going to be a long time before you can leave your conditioner on for the recommended length of time.

12. Your kid being sick means extra snuggle time for you.

There’s a small part of you that enjoys when your child is sick because it means they’ll sit still to get extra snuggles and love.

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13. You and your husband spend way too much time talking about poop.

Don’t worry, this subsides as your child gets older.

Image via A Daddy Blog

Feature image via Twenty20/malena_ban

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