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The Best Thing About Being Overdue With Baby No. 3

By the time my first baby was born, eight days after her due date, I was pretty much the most miserable person on the planet to be around.

Everyone wanted to share their foolproof stories of how they'd gone into labor and seemed sure that if I would only try castor oil/pineapple/running stairs/spicy food, I'd immediately have my baby.

With my second baby, I knew going late again was a possibility, but I hoped that this time around my body would know what it was doing and actually go into labor on its own.

News flash: It didn't.

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Once again, I got induced a week after my due date. And once again, the week before that induction, I was a nightmare because I was so crabby about being overdue (and so tired of hearing, once again, everyone's suggestions).

So when I got pregnant a third time, I was pretty much certain I'd be late again.

When my due date (Valentine's Day) rolled around, we were so confident we wouldn't have a baby that we made plans to go out.

From the very beginning, when people asked my due date, I'd tell them but qualify with "but I've been late both times before, so I'm not counting on a baby that day."

In fact, when my due date (Valentine's Day) rolled around, we were so confident we wouldn't have a baby that we made plans to go out and also I volunteered to babysit for a friend. We also planned a lot of fun family outings and projects so that we weren't just sitting around feeling irritated that we were wasting time. And we didn't have to cancel any of those plans because the baby stayed put.

Knowing that I wasn't likely to go into labor kept me from losing my mind over every possible contraction and waiting on pins and needles to see if this would be the day she was born. It also helped that my husband was approaching the end of a busy semester, so every day she stayed in was another day he wouldn't have to make up after her birth.

And having warned everyone not to expect a baby before or on my due date meant I got far fewer well-meaning (but hugely irritating) questions about why I hadn't had a baby yet.

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Of course, because I actually did go into labor on my own this time (two hours after my mom arrived, fourteen hours before my scheduled induction, and five days after my due date), now I live in fear of how to plan if we decide to have a fourth baby down the road.

But at least I can be fairly sure that the fourth baby will not be early.

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