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March Madness: Mom Guilt Edition

I accidentally dropped our 3-year-old in a hotel toilet over Christmas vacation in Mexico. We were rushing to get out of the room (those lounge chairs aren't going to save themselves), so I tossed her on the throne, forgetting to place her Sesame Street potty seat on top first. She plunked right in, butt-first, legs in the air. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" she demanded. I hosed her off in the shower, instructing her to just pee into the drain, which delighted her to no end, and now she keeps asking to do it again. Mom of the Year, much?

Of course, I felt guilty. I mean, I DROPPED MY DAUGHTER IN A HOTEL TOILET. But it's not like that was the only time I felt guilty that day. I felt guilty that I fed our baby nonorganic buffet eggs for breakfast. I felt guilty that their sunblock contained oxybenzone. I felt guilty that I pretended to have a stomachache so I could read a page of US Weekly in the bathroom while my husband juggled both girls by the pool.

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In conclusion: Guilt.

It hits us all. It shouldn't, but it does. So why not have some fun with it? In honor of March Madness, we've pitted some of the most ubiquitous parenting guilts against each other below for the ultimate guilty showdown. You don't need to know basketball to play. Even if you think William and Mary are just outdated baby names, odds are you've let your kid roll off the couch or spent an afternoon at the park glued to your iPhone when you should have been manning the teeter totter.

Which guilt will capture the trophy? Mom.me's editors and writers have voted, and now we need you to decide the winner. Which makes you feel more guilty: "Baby rolled off the couch" or "Yelling at kids"?


Thanks for all your votes! And the winner is...

Illustrations by Alex Coward and Lauren Sian

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