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Moms Confess: Weird Baby Things I Kept

From the first moment you become a parent, you start to cherish all the things, whether it's that first soft baby blanket or her first sippy cup. But it's hard for some parents to separate the cherished mementos from the junk. What odd things have you kept from babyhood?

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I'm not much of a memento keeper, but I will admit to a few items I can't quite get rid of. I have a small jewelry box in my dresser drawer that contains 39 small baby teeth from my two kids—one was lost on the school playground, never to be found. The other treasure I can't throw out is a collection of some of the tiniest, most adorable eyeglasses ever. My daughter started wearing glasses when she was 2, and I have every single pair she has ever had. Here are some more keepsake confessions.


"I still have everybody's first haircut hair, all of their lost teeth—what do you do with those?!—and the outfit they each wore to their first birthday parties! I only have two words to describe each of these keeps (and they aren't 'so weird'), they're 'ridiculously tiny'! Especially now that my kids are older—my oldest is taller than I am! It slays me every single time I see these items."

—Galit Breen, mother of three and author of "Kindness Wins"

Hair from my kid's first haircut

"When my now 14-year-old was a toddler, he refused to have any part in a haircut. By the time he agreed to a 'slight trim,' his wavy blond hair was quite long. After the cut he collected all the chopped off hairs into a Ziploc bag for safe keeping. He then gifted the bag of hair to his dad (I guess he figured his dad, who was quickly losing hair, might need some extra in the future). At the time, I thought I would hold on to the bag of hair for a few years—until my son forgot about it—and then get rid of it. However, I have never to this day been able to part with that bag of my little boy's soft, fine hairs. And my 14-year-old still remembers."

—Paula Danner, mother of two and writer at Looking for the Sweet Spot

(The kids) will find some meaning in their mother's madness!

First day of school outfits

"I have an odd habit of keeping all of the outfits that my kids wear on their first days of school—preschool, kindergarten, 4th grade. It's weird. Plus, I put them in individualized Ziploc bags and label them, so that when I pass all of their 'special things' bins down to them, they'll find some meaning in their mother's madness!"

—Katie Kavulla, mother of three and Instagram enthusiast

Newborn diapers

"I kept two clean newborn Pampers diapers so I could always remember just how tiny and vulnerable my babies were when they were gifted to us. I'm certain I'll never be able to part with those tiny diapers. Although I'd deny it if you asked me, I sometimes pull them out just to smell them—they just smell like clean, brand new baby."

Nichole Beaudry, mother of two and co-founder of Avery & Austin

"I kept a diaper from when he was first born (it's unused—don't be gross!). Because Max was a preemie, it's literally the size of a dollar bill folded in half. Other than that, I think I only kept the usual stuff: his coming-home outfit, his first Giants onesie. I do have his first five Converse shoes in a shadow box in my hallway though, from tiny size 1 crib shoes to size 10 toddler shoes."

—Lizz Porter, mother of Max and writer at Am I a Funny Girl?


"Their Nuks (pacifiers). It seemed we were so eager to get rid of them, but when we did I couldn't help but save two of them. One blue, one green to remind me how much a part of life, our sanity and their babyhood was wrapped up in those small pieces of plastic. I also kept two favorite preemie outfits so I'd never forget how small they really were or how far we've come from the pain of infertility to the joy of parenthood."

—Kirsten Anne Piccini, mother of twin boys and writer at The Kir Corner

Umbilical cord

"Ugh, my husband kept our daughter's umbilical cord. Nasty! It is in a jar above his home office desk. Please, dear Lord, keep me anonymous. We want to still have friends!"

—Mother of three, who obviously chooses to remain nameless

"Aside from the typical baby blankets, pacifiers and hospital bracelets I saved for all three of my kids, I also have each of their belly buttons in a jewelry box—their umbilical cord stumps! I know it's totally gross but it was the part of them that connected them to me for nine months in utero and I just couldn't see tossing them into the trash!"

—Stephanie Elliott, mother of three and author

Hospital knit cap

"Well, since my baby is still in the baby years, I've kept, like, everything! One thing that I will never get rid of is the little knit cap that he wore in the hospital. It's the tiniest, cutest little thing, and yes it's the one from the hospital that everyone else got, too, but it's so special to me!"

Katie Michelle Reyes, mom of Sam and writer at Katie Did What

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Birthday candles

"One of the 'weird' things of my children's that I've kept is their birthday candle from each year. So far I have six birthday candles for my daughter and one for my son. Do I plan on keeping this up until they're 20? Probably."

—Franki Arnold, mother of two and writer at That Young Mom

Got kids? Then you've got treasures. What will you keep?

Image via Twenty20/alittlezoo

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