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Why I Already Miss The Newborn Stage

My baby is turning one in less than a month and it's got me wanting another one, bad. I think I'm addicted to babies. Let me be clear, I am no good at being pregnant and I am still totally enjoying this almost-a-toddler stage, not to mention I need a few years of sleep before I could consider another, and yet... I long. The newborn stage, that fleeting blur of sweet smells and soft coos and nap in your arms, is my idea of magic. I know this sentiment is not shared by everyone, what with the lack of sleep and postpartum recovery, but here's why I can't get enough of newborns.

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1. They aren't mobile.

I can't stress enough how nice it is to know that if you set your newborn down he will most likely stay put. No chasing after a speed crawler or stooping over a tottering walker. And what's best about this lack of mobility is that they are perfectly happy sitting in a bouncy chair or taking a ride in the baby swing. Soon these fun spots will become torture contraptions. Your days of showering while baby watches you in the bouncy chair are numbered—enjoy the luxury.

2. They sleep anywhere.

Newborns sleep a lot. They don't happen to do it all at once, but they really do catch quite a few winks. And the best part is, they don't need to be in a crib to nap. They will blissfully sleep in their infant carseat through an entire dinner out. They will snooze in the carrier while you run errands. But the very best naps of all happen right on your chest. I'm pretty sure heaven is a newborn sleeping in your arms. The snuggle factor is off the charts.

At no other stage in your child's life are you expected to do nothing more than care for her.

3. They are so soft and sweet.

Newborns smell so wonderfully sweet. A milk-only diet and out of control pheromones will have you sniffing your baby non stop. That is when you're not touching their brand new silky skin. Between the smell and the softness, it's no wonder you can't put them down. And that soft sweetness extends to their behavior as well, little coos and tiny wiggles are in stark contrast to the screaming demands and rigid flailing of a toddler.

4. They don't eat solid foods.

The solids scarfing baby is another thing entirely. Spit up is more like barf, poops are more like grown-up poops and, overall, it's a whole lot messier. Feeding baby solid foods is totally fun, and I even enjoy making baby food, but there is no question that it's more work. At some point, perhaps when you're on your hands and knees wiping the kitchen floor for the third time that day, you will long for simpler milk-only times.

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5. No one expects you to do too much.

I feel as though in some ways newborns are much easier than older babies and yet they are the perfect excuse to wear your pajamas all day. At no other stage in your child's life are you expected to do nothing more than care for her. And perhaps that is at the heart of why I love it so much, and miss it already.

Photo via Carla Wiking

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