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4 Reasons I Admire Women With Multiple Baby Daddies

Photograph by Getty Images

Kimora Lee Simmons has successfully delivered her fourth child this week. This makes Baby Daddy No. 3 for the former model and reality show veteran. Does anyone judge her for her growing brood of offspring? Absolutely not. What about Erykah Badu the free-spirited songstress whose sound defined the term neo soul? Erykah has three children from three different relationships. Is anyone boycotting her or admonishing her? Never. Men do it all of the time and no one ever bats an eye, especially when they are celebrities.

Is it the fact that these women are superstars that offers them a pass from the judgmental eyes and comments from strangers? What is the difference from the average woman who has the same story to tell?

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I believe the major difference between women who are judged harshly as loose or shameful and those who are still widely respected after giving birth to multiple children from multiple men can be summed up by socioeconomic status. Those women who do not earn high incomes and have multiple children with different fathers are frowned upon because tax payers fear they will have to bear the burden of contributing financially to feed and clothe them through government assistance.

While society's reactions may vary, the underlying reality is the woman with the big bank account and the woman barely making ends meet have similar experiences when it comes to the pursuit of love. Every woman who has given birth to a child and then moved on to create another child with a new lover have quite a few AWESOME things in common.

1. She hasn't given up on love

Women who produce children from different partners are the women who understand that in order to receive love you have to give love a chance. She is not a woman made of stone, so she tries again and again, giving her all, her time, attention and body to men that she deems worthy.

She is not bitter and she gives love a chance. Just because the relationships don't last forever doesn't mean they were failures or bad decisions. Sometimes life's sweetest experiences are fleeting and sometimes those same fleeting moments produce miracles that last a lifetime.

2. She's probably great in bed

Women who have multiple children from multiple fathers are very likely excellent lovers. Whether you want to try to degrade her by labeling her slutty or promiscuous, the common denominator is, she has that ooh la la that mesmerizes men and keeps then coming back for more.

3. She's healthy

Women like Annegret Raunigk, the 65-year-old German woman with 13 children who is five months pregnant with quadruplets, continues to have children because she is healthy enough to do so. Raunigk has been married five times and is not swayed by the negativity from others who believe she is too old to conceive. If she is healthy enough to give birth, who can stop her?

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4. She's willing to take on the challenge

Whenever a woman sleeps with a man she knows the possibilities that could result from those moments of pleasure. In this modern world there are a multitude of choices to prevent conception or terminate a pregnancy. A woman who is willing to give birth to a child despite the criticism she might receive does so because she wants to have another child and she is confident that she can make it work.

Who deserves more praise than a woman who walks onto the stage, knowing that all eyes will be judging and condemning her and still manages to steal the show?

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