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There are a great many benefits to being born second in the birth order. You are born to people who are seasoned "parents," not just overwhelmed people who have no clue what they're doing. You have a super awesome older sibling, which means you'll never have to be alone. You get to explore a lot more because your parents aren't quite as intense as they were with your big sib, and you're probably pretty laid back—because you have to be. That said, being the second child is definitely not without its struggles. Here are a just few #SecondChildProblems. The struggle is real.

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1. Your month-by-month photos are dramatically less thought-out than your older sibling's were and usually they're taken at least a half month late.

2. There are actually just way fewer photos of you in general. And video is almost nonexistent.

3. Your baby book is kind of abysmal, if you have one at all.

4. Your parents are always trying to make you match .

5. The vast majority of your life is spent waiting. Patience is a virtue!

6. All your toys are pink hand-me-downs.

7. The first year of your life was mostly spent admiring the scenery from your baby carrier.

8. Your nursery probably didn't have a theme or cutesy decor.

9. Bruises for days, because older siblings.

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10. You spend most of your days being bossed around by your older sibling.

11. You wear pajamas all day, every day.

12. And if you aren't wearing pajamas, you're probably being forced into a costume by your older sibling. (See EXHIBIT A: When you played the Baby Jesus to her Mary.)

The good news is that you always have a best buddy right by your side!

Are there any other #SecondChildProblems I missed? Add them to the list in the comments!

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