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Mommy Blogging: What's the Point?

As I sit here getting back to my mommy blogging after a long hiatus, I start to panic. Oh no, not another article on how to organize pesky Legos, the best strategy for dismantling a splinter or tips from the front lines on shaping up sloppy bedtime routines! We don't need it. We don't want it. We've read it all before. All. Before. We have more important things to do with our time (see above) than to listen to more moaning and groaning about the same old, same old, (insert vaccine wars here).

Is there really anything new to say, express, rant about? Do we really want to hear another complaint about how hard it all is? Aren't we chin-deep in complaints and rants from our kids already? Do we need more of it from our peers? Even worse, do we really want to hear from the mother who has it all together? No. We all know she's totally full of it anyway. So where does that leave us "mommy bloggers"? Hasn't it all been said, spilled and bled on so many a mommy blog? Mommy Blog. Just the words make me cringe.

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Portrait of a Mommy Blogger in Pajamas 2014.

So why am I here? I'm here because I have to write about it. All of it. The big, the little, the in-between. Mostly the in-between. It's the small moments, like the way I slammed the door on my son when he did absolutely nothing wrong but I was in a shame spiral because I butt-texted a guy I was in a Tinder chat with. I need to write about that. Or maybe I need to write about the way I forced myself to give my daughter a hug when I wanted to run from her screaming, "You are driving me fucking nuts!" I need to tell you about the bucket of courage it took to pull that simple 10-second choice out from somewhere I didn't know I had within, and how trying something different made such a huge impact in my 9-year-old's life. I will write about the time I found myself praying for the ease of a next breath after hearing one too many whines.

A simple shared moment that elevates us in some way can mean the world in this motherhood journey.

It's the quiet moments I have to share, like the creeping thought that as a part-time parent, I am not allowed to have a single negative thought about my kids at all. It's the spiral of guilt I suffer when I parent badly. I have to share my story because while you most likely may have read it before in some incarnation (the relentless exhaustion, avoiding annoying parents at school, sibling rivalry, car pool—why do those monstrosities even exist?) you haven't read the details. And my details may be your details. And that's where the salvation is.

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Details … little nuggets of salvation … little nuggets that can make our days better, even if only for five minutes. If we're lucky, those five minutes can turn into an entirely new philosophy, a fresh approach, a new insight into how to manage a perpetually sticky situation. If you're like me, they are all sticky. If we hit the jackpot, our stories can expand our vision entirely. I am not talking about earth-shattering Oprah-aha! moments. A simple shared moment that elevates us in some way, that inspires empathy, laughter and reflection, can mean the world in this motherhood journey.

So this is what we get to share as mommy bloggers. Because let's face it, motherhood can feel like a ton of bricks being dropped on your head every time the sun rises. If a few sentences can help to raise those bricks and let in some light, then bring on the fork-lift.

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