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Should Babywearing Dad Have Ignored the Foul Ball?

I'm a fan of babywearing and while my husband doesn't do it as often as I do, he's no stranger to it—he's cooked dinner with our son strapped to his back, gone putt-putt golfing with a baby on his chest, and I'm pretty sure his nightly trip up the stairs carrying all four of our kids counts as super-babywearing status.

But one thing I can definitely say he hasn't done while babywearing is catch a foul ball at a professional baseball game like this dad.

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Mike Capko, 30, took his wife, Alyssa to a Phillies baseball game for Mother's Day this weekend, but he just happened to steal the show from his wife on her special day. (Sigh. Men.)

When a foul ball flew through the stands, Capko stood up and casually caught it one-handed while his 7-month-old son remained firmly (and safely) strapped into the baby carrier on his dad's chest.

Capko didn't even look phased by the catch, but all of my maternal alarms were blaring at high intensity when I watched the video. What if the baby had been hit? Why is he forward-facing? What if no one had been paying attention? This was such a close call!!

Unlike my second-hand freakout, Capko's wife didn't appear worried but just smiled happily as her husband flexed and preened for the cheering audience. The couple's son, too, was totally nonchalant about the whole thing, never even losing his grip on the pacifier in his mouth. As for the thought that maybe he should have gotten out of the way for the fly ball instead of going for it? Nah. Ducking is for parenting measurers. The dad admitted it never even occurred to him.

"It was a natural reaction," Capko told ESPN. "It was great, great."

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Fly balls, taking babies to a baseball game, dads who are babywearing—I'd say this a couple ready to tackle parenthood together. Although they may want to stock up on some Band-Aids for that kid or something.

All's well that ends well, I suppose, but I can't decide if this is proof that babywearing dads rule or definite proof that I will never let my husband wear our baby at a baseball game.

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