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25 Ways You Know You Have an Older Brother

I love the fact that I have two older brothers. Sure, we got on each other's nerves sometimes, and I secretly wished for a sister on more than one occasion, but I can honestly say that I love having brothers, and I especially love being the only girl with two older brothers. I've always been looked after and protected by them, and feel so lucky to say that. With that being said, I thought it'd be fun to share all of the ways you know you have older brothers. I know all of my fellow sisters-of-older-brothers can relate!

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1. You have played every video game imaginable… And know all of the cheats.

2. Boys have never intimidated you.

3. You're not afraid to get dirty.

4. Yes, some of your friends had crushes on your brother, and you just had to talk them down slowly and carefully.

5. You had a crush on his friend, and would always make sure to be around when that friend came over.

6. Growing up, you probably had more boys that were friends than girls, and you liked it that way.

7. Bodily functions don't really gross you out that much.

8. You can eat a meal really fast, because you know if you don't, the food will be gone into the garbage disposal that is a teenage boy.

9. You stand up for yourself because you're used to doing it at home.

10. The number one piece of advice you learned from your big bro: "Kick him in the balls." This is applicable in a myriad of situations throughout life.

11. You always hoped that your brother would approve of a new boyfriend, and were nervous to introduce them. Almost more than your parents.

12. You can handle yourself in a fight, from years of experience.

13. You have mean but loving nicknames for each other.

14. You followed him around when you were little because he was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Yes, you were annoying. No, you're not sorry.

15. You always have someone to look up to and receive advice from because he has experienced a little more "life" than you.

16. No one else knows how to get under your skin quite as well as he does. That nickname from middle school that everyone called you that you hated? He will forever call you that.

17. There is always someone who really "gets" you and experienced the same childhood as you.

18. You know each other's biggest pet peeves and embarrassing moments, and enjoy reminding each other of these things time and time again.

19. You are always protected. And no one will ever be good enough for you.

20. You share countless inside jokes that you repeat at every family event. You can be weird together and no one thinks anything of it.

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21. All of the upperclassmen already knew who you were and knew not to mess with you, because you were so-and-so's little sister. Not a bad reputation to have.

22. You can have full conversations via TV and movie quotes.

23. Practical jokes were a commonplace occurrence, and you got really good at noticing when things were not right. You also got pretty good at pranks yourself.

24. You endured endless teasing. Endless. But it only made you stronger, right?

25. In the end, you know your brother always has your back and loves you like no other.

Image via Katie Michelle Reyes

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