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10 Underrated Benefits of Mom Friends

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Before the birth of my son (now 6) the last thing I wanted to do was sit around with other moms and talk about their children—not because I disliked children, or moms either, but because I just couldn't relate to conversations about organic baby food or whether using disposable diapers was morally wrong.

Motherhood is an experience-necessary kind of gig. And it's one best shared by those who have been through the trenches. Mom friends bring unvarnished understanding, unconditional friendship and often crucial, boots-on-the-ground support.

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See if you can relate to the many ways mom friends support each other. And if you're just embarking on motherhood, get to a mom's group, the gym, a library story time, a wine club—whatever it takes to find your motherhood tribe.

1. Truth Telling

Who else will point out that there's poop/snot/smeared food/ on your clothing without judgment or meanness? A mom friend won't think twice and will even offer you a change of clothes or a Spongebob sticker to cover it up.

2. Witnesses

Mom friends act as witness to your confessions about how horrible your children are behaving and how unhelpful your spouse is, and then remind you that you love these horrible people because they're also wonderful most of the time.

3. Plague Reinforcements

They'll risk contagion when your whole family has been vomiting for 24 hours to leave you supplies on your doorstep, and text you funny videos to boost your mood.

4. Tantrum Aid

They know on any other day, it will just as likely be their own child.

Mom friends will not blink when your child has a meltdown at a playdate because they know on any other day, it will just as likely be their own child.

5. Mommy Meltdown Relief

Similarly, a mom friend won't flinch when you lose your shit; she'll pat you on the back and offer you wine or chocolate, saying, "What a jerk. Don't worry, he'll go to college someday."

6. Real Talk

Who else can you have elaborate discussions with about the battle scars of your vagina/abdomen after pregnancy and labor? And moms are the ones who will reassure you that you are definitely a mom, even if your children did not emerge messily from your own body.

7. Boredom Buddies

Mom friends not only understand your secret loathing of the park after hundreds of hours spent there, but will agree to get lost in an unexplored wilderness trail rife with poison oak just to combat the boredom.

8. Self-Care Support

Fellow moms won't give you guilt for taking care of yourself; if anything, they'll ask to join you in that nap, home pedicure or binge "Orange is the New Black" with you.

9. Nap Team

Mom friends will let you nap off a terrible cold on their living room couch while entertaining your child.

10. Mom Tribe

Mom friends will form a village you didn't even know you needed until illness, surgery, work or just the need to get away from your kids pulls heavily on you. And they'll be there for you. Of course, don't forget to return the favor.

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This isn't an arbitrary list. I can check off every item thanks to a mom friend of mine, and I hope that you can, too—or soon will.

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