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Man Complains About Breastfeeding Mom, Gets Kicked Out

The Cheese and Biscuits Cafe in Queensland, Australia, has become an international focal point—not because their fare is amazing, which I'm sure it is, but because the owner stood up for a breastfeeding mother.

Jessica-Anne Allen was initially approached by a male customer who shared that she should tell a breastfeeding mom to cover up. Allen replied that they were a breastfeeding-friendly cafe, and she would never say such a thing to the customer. She pointed out seats in a different location so he wouldn't be "bothered" by the woman, and thought that would be the end of it.

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Unfortunately, she soon learned that he had taken it upon himself to confront the mother, so she decided to send this jerk on his way with his order in a to-go cup. The sky probably filled with rainbows, unicorns and sunshine when Allen stood up for the mother, who was doing nothing other than minding her own business and nursing her baby.

This gal makes my heart so happy. Every time I hear a story about a breastfeeding mother being told to cover up, move to another location or leave, it makes me ill. The horrible comments I often read online about breastfeeding moms often leave me weeping for humanity. Folks fling around words like "immoral" and "exhibitionist" when they describe nursing moms, which is not only wacky and unbelievable, it's completely horrible.

Boobs are not that big of a deal, and if someone can't handle seeing a mom nursing her kid, they can just look the other direction.

The bottom line is that women who breastfeed in public just want to feed their kids, and complaining about them, harassing them and asking them to hide themselves away is often against the law. It also makes you look like a grade A chump who can't deal with a woman feeding her baby with her body.

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Boobs are not that big of a deal, and if someone can't handle seeing a mom nursing her kid, they can just look the other direction. I am so glad Allen took a stand for this mom because instead of ignoring or participating in breastfeeding bullying, we should defend moms who find themselves in that situation.

Bravo, Jessica-Anne Allen. Not only did you prove to the world that you are an excellent human being, but you showed this mother through your words and actions that she should nurse her baby whenever her baby is hungry. And what a beautiful gift that is.

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