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You Know You're Exhausted When ...

Although my third child's a very good sleeper, she's still only a few months old, which means it's a rarity that I sleep through the night. And even if my baby happens to spend the whole night in blissful slumber, inevitably one of my other children will awake frantic over the loss of a stuffed animal or unable to find the bathroom (I promise, it's in the same place it was last night and every night before that).

But for some reason, since those newborn days of two to three wakings a night, I haven't felt particularly exhausted. I could use a couple of extra hours, sure, but I don't feel the kind of "how can I make it to nap time" tiredness I had after my second daughter was born.

As I go about my daily life though, there are little reminders that, yes, I am actually very, VERY tired.

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1. You can take a nap and still fall asleep at night

I used to avoid napping because it'd keep me up all night long. No longer. I can take a solid two-hour nap and still go to bed right on time and fall asleep within a few minutes.

2. You spend so much time staring at things, trying to remember what you were even doing

Whether it's looking at my phone blankly or staring into the open fridge, I spend many more minutes than I'd like to admit trying to figure out what the heck I was planning to do.

3. Any time you sit down, you immediately think, "I could fall asleep right this moment"

I'll feel 100 percent alert, then I'll sit down on the couch to read books to my girls and be fighting heavy eyes within seconds.

4. Everything takes longer

Checking out at a store takes a little longer because you tried to pay for your morning pastry with a Wal-Mart gift card. And then you shamefacedly have to put that back and try to find the right credit card.

5. You forget all those little things you've known forever

I've had the same password on my phone for four years and I use that phone dozens, if not hundreds of times, a day—yet MULTIPLE times since my third daughter was born, I've found myself staring at my keypad trying to remember how to unlock it.

6. You turn into a much less patient version of yourself

Generally, I think of myself as a pretty patient mom. Spills? No big deal. Tears? I can dry them. When I'm tired, I'm suddenly irrationally annoyed at any deviation from our schedule, any mishap or toddler meltdown.

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7. You can't actually think of how you know you're tired

I'm so tired, I can't even think of more evidence for my tiredness. But the number of times I tried to open my car door before realizing it was locked might be a good indication (Spoiler: three times).

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