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My Baby Doesn't Have a Nursery

According to my unofficial poll, only 1 in 3 babies is born with a nursery arranged just for them. Baby registries, magazines and Pinterest would lead us to believe differently, but if your baby doesn't have a nursery or a room of their own, well, you're not alone! Actually, you're in the same boat as me and my babies!

Sometimes it's circumstances that lead to baby room sharing, sometimes it's choice. With my three children we've skipped nurseries for a variety of reasons.

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Jemma's Split Space

When my daughter was born, we were living in a 3-bedroom house. One room was rented to a friend, another acted as an office/guest room and then the master. We could have booted our renter or collapsed the office, but instead we decided to keep her crib and dresser/changing table combination in our room and her bookshelf, toys and rocking chair in the office. It worked. Especially since we ended up co-sleeping most nights.

Pretty much, we love and adore this little one, but that love won't be manifested in a Pinterest-inspired themed room.

No Home for Us Equals No Nursery for Max

My second child was born while we were living with my parents. We had relocated for my husband's job and were toggling between building and buying, which left us snug as a bug in my parent's upstairs. All four of us managed to survive and sleep in one room, thanks to a king bed, Arm's Reach Cosleeper and crib-size floor mattress. Once we moved, Max was so used to his people at night, he has continued to bed-share.

Baby No. 3, Where Will You Be?

We have a house now. A lovely four-bedroom house with a designated office and bonus room—lots of space. Almost too much! But now, I'm kind of over the whole nursery thing. We've learned that co-sleeping works for us, so if this baby likes that too, we'll continue down that road. I love the idea of decorating a pretty space just for baby, but realistically we need to buy bunk beds for the big kids and my husband is hankering for a covered patio so we can do more outdoor entertaining. We will love and adore this little one, but that love won't be manifested in a Pinterest-inspired themed nursery.

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Don't get me wrong, I'd love to throw all my pregnancy energy into designing, shopping for and setting up a nursery. It's just low on the totem pole of time and money priorities these days. And I'm OK with that. If I've learned anything from being a mama the last five years, it's that realistic priorities are crucial to my sanity. So I say no. often, snuggle my kids extra and do my best not to worry what all the cool kids are doing these days

Thanks to my poll, I know I'm not alone and rest assured my baby is loved regardless of their nursery status. And now you know you're not alone too. When Baby No. 3 grows up and decides on their favorite color and personal style, then together we can pour energy into creating their perfect little space just for them.

Image via Twenty20/debbiechamlati

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