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Moms Share: How I Knew My Husband Would Be a Good Dad

It's true what they say. When your husband becomes a father, your love for him grows exponentially. I never knew I could love him more than I did when we got married, but then we had a baby together, and my heart absolutely swelled with love and gratitude for this incredible man of mine.

In honor of Father's Day, I asked real women to share some reasons why they knew/know their husband would be a good father, even before their baby was a twinkle in their eye. Here is what they said.

"He takes such good care of me. I'll be honest, I can be a bit of a princess more often than not. I need someone to treat me as such, and take care of me. He does just that, with such love and tenderness, that I knew he would be the best father to another little princess (or prince)!" – Katie R.

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"I knew he would be a great dad when I saw him with his niece and nephew. He handled them with such ease and care and they love him unconditionally. He was always good to his mother too and treated his grandparents with respect. He treats me right and wants to protect me and help me, too. With all of these things, I knew that my husband was going to be a wonderful father, and I was right!" – Rebecca H.

"My husband isn't a father yet, but I know he will be a good one from watching him play with our nieces and nephews! Whenever we have family get togethers he is usually hanging out with the kids, being climbed on or playing hide and seek. They all love him!" – Anna K.

"He's a good fur daddy. When I met my husband, he had two cats. These two cats were like his children. The love and tenderness that he showed toward them, the great care and thoughtfulness he had for them made me know that once he had a baby to care for, it would be so loved." - Katie R.

"When I told my husband I thought I was pregnant, he was so excited and told his family before I had even confirmed. Once I knew for sure, he posted on social media before I could. I was still in shock and he was jumping off the walls with joy. That's when I knew he was going to be an amazing father." – Jacque M.

"I knew my husband would be a great father because he loves me in a way that is indescribable. He is kind, good natured, helpful, patient, a provider and above all, loving. I knew he would love our baby with all he has. He had a great role model in his own father, and I knew he would do all he could to be that kind of man for his son." – Kathy B.

"I know he will be a good father because of how he is with his dogs. He is obsessed with them and plays with them, pets them, takes millions of pictures, cuddles with them and misses them when we aren't with them." – Juliette

"Because he wanted kids way before I did!" – Ali C.

"I knew my husband would be a great father because he never minded me bringing my nieces, nephews and cousins around when I babysat them and I babysat a lot!" – Roo B.

"I knew he'd be a good dad because he's really good at cleaning up messes!" - Michelle H.

"I know my husband will be a good father because of his ability to love me so strongly and that would be translated to our children by the passion he brings to love. He is gentle, a protector, provider and good with his friend's babies, too." – Rachael A.

"He's patient and I'm not and he can handle cleaning up messes. He's also very kind and loving. I can't wait for us to have kids!" – Pam D.

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"My husband is a kid at heart, so I knew he'd make a great dad." - Molly G.

"I knew when I realized that he was a natural with kids. They have flocked to him since the beginning of our relationship. It always intrigued me to see how no matter where we were, kids would come up to him and ask to play or just start talking to him. I knew then that he'd always make a great father and that some day I couldn't wait to see him interact with our own kids the same way that he had with them." – Amanda A.

"I got a really bad kidney infection and was absolutely miserable, and that man never left my side. He made sure I had everything I needed. He stayed up with me through the pain, tears and frustrations. He gave up everything to take care of me! I knew then and there that he was my one and only and the man of my future children. Anyone who gives up their everyday life to take care of someone unconditionally is a parent in the making." – Juliana M.

Image via Katie Michelle Reyes

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