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9 Totally Useful Tips All Expecting Moms Need to Know

The moment our little bumps starts showing, moms-to-be are inundated with endless, and often unsolicited advice on which diapers and bottles to buy, how to swaddle and when to start solids and baby sign language.

Sure, the big topics in parenting are important, but as the Germans say and every mom knows: even little critters poop. Here's a list of partial tips everyone forgets to tell new moms.

1. Never Buy Pajamas with Buttons

Obviously the people who design baby clothes have ever used them. If they had, they would have realized that even a dozen tiny snap buttons present an insurmountable challenge during midnight diaper changes and with squirmy babies. Three of them on a onesie are hard enough (my mantra is "two out of three ain't bad!"), 12 to 15 is just asking for a mental breakdown, or a naked baby. Do yourself a favor, donate the old jammies and switch to zippers.

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2. Bring Nail Clippers to the Hospital

Many babies are born with long nails, no coordination and a strong desire to rub their eyes because they can't believe that they have finally been born. They also hate baby mittens! Who wouldn't?!

Sadly, they aren't born with the coordination or wherewithal not to scratch up their faces, and hospital staff are not allowed to cut their nails due to high MRSA rates. My LO scratched up his whole face just seconds after we took off his swaddle.

3. Keep Your Boxes and Receipts

I don't remember much from the first few days—it was all a blur of breastfeeding, pumping, cuddling, swaddling, and the occasional fire. Yes, fire! Even the best baby gadgets are designed for limited-time use, and as such, often have quality control problems. Within the first month I had to return a bottle warmer that got stuck and caught on fire, two sound machines that stopped making sounds, and a stroller that wouldn't stroll. Luckily I had receipts and boxes in the garage and was able to return everything and buy better products.

4. Get a Salt Crystal Lamp

These lamps are not just stylish and cleanse the air, but they give off the perfect amount of light for late-night diaper changes without getting too hot and causing a burn risk.

5. Get a Large Water Dispenser

You have not known thirst until you've breastfed a baby, and it's not unusual for new moms to go through more than 2 gallons of water a day! Keeping a large water dispenser near your bed or in your nursery will keep you hydrated and save you a ton of trips to the kitchen.

6. If You Pump, Set Up a Pumping Station

The first few weeks are going to be exhausting as your body and your baby learn each other's needs, so setting up your pump and a mini fridge or cooler for your accessories and pumped milk can earn you a couple of extra hours of sleep because you won't be running around trying to store everything.

6. Get Earplugs and a Sleeping Mask

New moms often become sleep deprived because the baby cluster feeds all night and they can't sleep during the day or wake up every time baby stirs. Solution: Get some earplugs! They will help cancel out the minor noises like sneezes, baby farts and clumsy husbands, but you'll still be able to hear your baby if she needs you. If you have trouble sleeping during the day, invest in a good sleeping mask as well!

7. Find Your Digital Tribe

Before you have your baby, ask some other moms which Facebook groups they found most useful and sign up. Same month birthday groups and breastfeeding groups can be invaluable as you learn to figure out your surprisingly complex little baby.

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8. Sign Up for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

There are going to be a lot of boring pumping sessions, sleepless nights and lazy afternoons where you'll be too tired to move off the couch. There will also be a million things you discover you "need" once baby arrives. Be prepared, but also ask your partner to keep an eye on your spending, since new moms tend to go a little overboard.

9. Learn Some Songs by Heart

You'd be surprised how few lullabies you know, and how easy it is to forget the words to your favorite songs when you're sleep deprived. Make yourself a playlist of your favorite songs and learn all the songs. You'll have lots of sleepless nights to impress baby with your singing.

Image via Twenty20/iaresean

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