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Insta-Envy: Families Who Are Having the Best Summer Ever

Okay, so we all (should) know by now that comparison is the thief of joy, and to never compare your life to someone else's, especially if it's a highlight reel. And we also all know that Instagram is literally just one big highlight reel…right?!?! With that being said, I've rounded up a few of my favorite Moms on Instagram who are killing this summer thing and may be having a better summer than you and me...at least according to the photos they are posting.

@kelli_murray: Kelli is an artist, and it shines through in her gorgeous photos. We love the beautifully simple and crisp snapshots of this sweet family from Southern California.

@amberthrane: Amber posts lovely images of beaches and travel and scenery. She will give you wanderlust, I'm warning you. And will make you dream of late nights at the beach and summer nights spent with your loved ones.

@sollybabywrap : Elle Rowley, the owner of the Instagram-famous baby wraps, shares snippets of her family's summer, and it's one that is sure to instill some envy. From camping and hiking to road trips and hammock swings, you will want to pack up your car and drive ASAP.

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@ohjoy: You may have heard of this popular blogger/designer before, but if you aren't following her on Instagram, you are missing out. Joy's feed is full of pretty pops of bright colors, cute babies and yummy treats. All good things. All the time.

@heynataliejean: Natalie has been traveling along the east coast and "over-gramming" her time. And we aren't complaining, not one bit.

@thislittlehouse_ : This family of four lives in Scotland, and the images of castles and Scottish hillsides are dreamy enough as they are, but include two precious little boys and it makes it that much better. Claire's snippets of simple summer joys such as picnics in the park and strolls through meadows will remind you that you don't need to live extravagantly to have a truly beautiful life.

@ samantha_vickers: This mom and photographer loves sharing images of her summer with her family, and we love the fun that radiates through the pictures!

@latonyayvette: You will love LaTonya's feed for her gorgeous snippets of summer in New York City with her family. It will make you long for city life.

@meganjbailey: Because summer should be carefree and spent with your family, and Megan's summer pictures are just that. If pretty pictures of a photogenic family are your thing, you must follow along. Her happiness is contagious.

@thelittlest: Elizabeth shares beautiful photos of their summer travels and makes sure to capture those sweet family moments we all wish would never slip away.

@stephsphotobooth: Stephanie is a beautiful mama who knows what it means to enjoy the simple pleasures with her family. Summer travels and picnics and beach days abound and will make you want to do the same.

@thealisonshow: If you are in need of some cheering up this summer, look no further than Alison's Instagram. Full of bright colors and fun imagery, she has a penchant for life and is sure to put a smile on your face! Also, the spontaneous dance videos are my favorite.

@amberfillerup: If travel is more your thing, you will love living vicariously through Amber and her family's summer travels. Norway, Denmark, Greece, London, yeah, no big deal. Yes, it's okay to be envious. In fact, it would be weird not to be.

@bitsofcristal: Warning: Cute baby overload.

@dearestdaughters: From photos of fresh farmer's market produce to scenes from a day spent in the front yard, we absolutely love Jessica's classic throw-back summer style.

@ohhappyday: For lots of fun images and something that is sure to make you smile, look no further than blogger Jordan's feed.

@mommasgonecity: Jessica has the cutest little ones, and her pictures of lake days and summertime afternoon naps are sure to whisk you away while you're trying to beat the heat.

@taza: Naomi and her family seem to travel nonstop and are always doing fun things and sharing their lives on Instagram. Count us in!

@monikahibbs: Monika is a lifestyle blogger who leads one life that we wouldn't mind tagging along with! Sure, it's lavish, but that's what's fun about it!

@macdonaldsplayland: This family is the cutest. From visiting museums to swimming and traveling and even braving Disneyland with a toddler (no small feat), their summer looks pretty fun to us.

@thetiniestfeather: Lots of pictures of the cutest, chubbiest baby. That's a good summer, there.

@jess.dolph: Family fun in the summertime. Nothing better.

@ifurie: Because sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the most fun.

@raisingthemartins: Babies in pools will forever be the cutest.

@itsahuntslife: Family beach days abound.

@katrinajmassey: Be prepared for two cuuuute little ones.

@beachsidemama : Lots of photos of the beach and a tropical summer. We'll take it.

@wendylaurel: Beautiful summer images that will make you want to escape to a tropical location, STAT. Or you could just live vicariously through her photos. That works too.

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