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8 Things Moms Who Love Sports Might Do

Photograph by Twenty20

I didn't used to like sports. I liked baseball as a kid, but I never understood why my dad and brother would shout at the TV during football season. In fact, it always made them seem crazy to me.

Well, guess what? I'm now a football freak, and I probably seem crazy to my entire family.

It was the 2003 NFL season that turned it around for me, when the Kansas City Chiefs went 13-3 and I sat down to pepper my poor husband with questions about what a down was, what was going on right now and why is there a position called "safety," but you can also earn points by getting a safety as well? That doesn't even make sense.

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Fast forward a dozen years and the NFL and the MLB (go Royals!) have both taken up permanent residence in my heart—and I know way more about them both than I did when I first started out. But I've also found that the intervening dozen years has changed my personality somewhat, and I am not a totally normal mom during football season.

If you love sports, and you're a mom, you might find that:

1. You don't schedule birthday parties during a football game. There are only 16 regular season games. Sunday at noon? No. You go for Saturdays, or maybe Wednesday nights if you also like college football.

2. You become a raging banshee during games. My poor kids. They're used to it now, but it must be a little startling to see your normally calm mother shout at the television.

3. You start cooking lunch, and possibly dinner, at 8 in the morning, just so you don't have to worry about dealing with the kitchen during game time.

4, Your kids look forward to nachos for lunch.

5. And so do you.

6. In addition to shouting at the TV, you may get up and stomp your feet or run around in circles. It happens here… true story.

7. If your team makes the playoffs, you will live and die by that game or series, and the disappointment if they don't win it all can be soul-crushing, leaving you despondent for days.

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8. Good news, though—ou may inspire one (or more) of your kids to like sports, and it's a lot of fun to have a little version of yourself jumping around and shouting at the TV with you.

So, while your kids may think you're nuts come game day, it may wind up being a time you can bond with your kids... if you don't terrify them first. Football season begins in just over a month, and I can't wait.

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