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5 Real Moms Worst Period Secrets... Leaked

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Talking about periods rarely takes place around the watercooler. But all of a sudden Donald Trump, of all people, put menstruation front and centre when he accused Megan Kelly of bleeding during the first Republican debate, insinuating her period was clouding her judgement. The fact is, we women (generally) menstruate on a regular basis, and it doesn't always go according to plan. Sometimes we're like clockwork, and sometimes we're caught off guard—because, face it, we're gushing fluid and we have no control over how and when it comes out. For these moms, who all wanted to remain anonymous, things really didn't go according to plan.

At the In-Laws

"I got my period while at my in-laws house for Sunday dinner," shares another mom. "I bled all over their leather couch! Thankfully my husband was able to help me clean up before anyone noticed."

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During a Romp

"My husband and I were staying in his dad's apartment and we had the place to ourselves," relates another mom. "We ended up having sex on the living room couch. Mid-sex, we change position and all I see is blood EVERYwhere. My period started in the middle of sex. Thank GOD it was a leather couch and we could just wipe it down with Clorox wipes."

She's not the only one to be surprised by period news during sex. Another mom tells me, "The night I met my (now ex) husband, we had a few drinks at a bar, went back to his place and knocked it out on the floor. His floor with WHITE CARPET. After we were done, we went to bed and woke up the next day to a murder scene on his bedroom floor. We scrubbed like wild but nothing brought it up."

At Work

One mom shares a story about her first meeting with her new work supervisor after she moved. She had carpooled to the site two hours away from her car, and was three hours away from home. Wearing khaki pants, she had no idea her period had started until she stood up and felt a gush. The. Worst.

On a Plane

Another mom friend of mine has had several period misadventures, but the most public was when her period started on an international flight, which she discovered when she was going to change planes. "I have no change of clothes," she says as she remembers the day with clarity. "I have no tampons. I have about 30 minutes to procure both of these things in an unfamiliar airport. One of the biggest in the world. I am panicked. If I don't achieve this mission, I am doomed to be soaking in a pool of my own blood for the next six hours." Fortunately she found tampons and a pair of expensive jeans, and tossed her underwear and flew home in relative comfort.

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Periods happen, but we don't want the unhappy surprise to happen when we're not prepared. But know that if you've had a bad experience with your monthly monster, you're not alone.

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