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The Most Ridiculous Things I've Heard While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. It's a bonding moment between a mother and her baby. It's a special time for closeness and nourishment. It's also hard. Very hard. And sometimes it can even be awkward.

Today real moms are sharing the embarassing parts of breastfeeding, and the ridiculous things they've been told or asked while simply trying to feed their baby.

"Somebody actually came up and said that she had teenage boys with her and if I would mind 'doing that' somewhere else. I smiled at her and said my baby is hungry and needs to eat here and now, so no, I cannot and will not take him somewhere else. Your boys can manage." – Emily W.

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"I was breastfeeding my daughter in this beautiful park by our house, and some creep came up with a camera and asked if he could photograph us. I said thanks for asking, but no." – Stacey E.

"My dad was visiting and we were out shopping when baby girl got hysterical. No one was around so I pulled one side of my tank down discreetly and girl latched and immediately calmed down. My dad looked over, shielded his eyes and said, 'No! People don't do that in public in real life! Only in raunchy movies. Don't do that weird National Geographic crap.'" – Jordan R.

"I walked around Walmart one day breastfeeding, no cover and got absolutely no looks. About five minutes after my daughter was done nursing I realized everyone was giving me weird looks. Finally a woman said, 'Excuse me Miss, but your shirt is down on one side and your bra is showing.' #momfail." – Andrea S.

"While out for one of our first postpartum dinners, my husband asked me, 'You're going to do that here? Shouldn't you go to the bathroom and just sit in the stall?' Seven months later and he has come around and I do it whenever, wherever I want, and not ever in a bathroom stall thank you very much. But I do use a cover." – Amber L.

"I was nursing at a restaurant last night and popped under my cover to check his latch, and after I came back up the waitress says to me, 'I totally forgot you have a baby with you!' She couldn't figure out why I was hiding under a blanket at the dinner table." – Beth B.

My 7-year-old niece very loudly at a party said, 'I wonder how they know what part to suck on?'

"All the men in my life feel the need to say, 'He'll get some of that later!' in a cheesy voice like they're the first to say it ever. For example, say we're having a delicious apple pie: 'Baby wants some! Oh, but he'll get some later…' So awkward." – Casey M.

"Somebody has actually told me that breastmilk isn't beneficial after the first year. Um?! That's like saying after one cup, broccoli isn't healthy anymore." – Bria S.

"My sister-in-law told me, 'I would never breastfeed… It's too much like incest.' – Katie R.

"We had a lot of trouble breastfeeding at first because of my baby's broken arm during labor. It was tough but we got through it. I had someone tell me around one month that our trouble was because his skeleton was misaligned and he needed a massage therapist that specialized in babies. I didn't even know how to respond." – Rachelle A.

"Someone told me once that I only nurse uncovered because I am trying to 'make a point' about breastfeeding. First of all, duh. Can we please normalize breastfeeding? And second, I don't cover because it's much easier to get Baby latched when they're not hidden under a blanket. Women should feel comfortable feeding their babies covered, uncovered, breast or bottle, breastmilk or formula, no matter what." – Casandra K.

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"My 7-year-old niece very loudly at a party said, 'I wonder how they know what part to suck on?'"– Marci W.

"I've had multiple comments about when we are going to stop (my son is 20 months), but the worst was something I overheard at the play place at the mall. This woman was talking to her daughter saying she thinks breastfeeding is 'sexual./ She said several other things but that is what stuck. I never get very upset, but that made me so angry that some people can be ignorant about something so natural. It made me want to start nursing my son right in front of her but I refrained." – Irv W.

"My dad awkwardly asked when I was going to stop, because she is already too big (she was 9 months at the time). I laughed and told him, "When she is ready to stop, then I'll stop." She is 13-months-old and we are still breastfeeding!" – Sophie B.

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