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You Know You're Breastfeeding an Older Baby When ...

Photograph by Getty Images

Nursing a tiny, fairly immobile, toothless infant is usually a sweet bonding ritual nicely punctuated by those gorgeous "milk drunk" faces when they lazily and happily pass out at the breast. Sure, you're insanely sleep-deprived and on constant boob duty, but at least you can practically sleep through breastfeeding at this age, or at least peruse your phone, catching up on news and Facebook.

Nursing an older baby or toddler is a whole other situation. My not-yet, but almost 1-year-old squirms and pinches, and I have to literally wrestle him into position. Breastfeeding at this age requires a different set of skills, including a heaping pile of patience. Still, I strangely carry on, aiming for this much-hyped 12-month mark, feeding my formula-averse, wiggly son. Really, this is the sort of thing that is better explained by GIFs.

EVERYTHING distracts them, so breastfeeding (once again) takes forever.

GIF via Giphy

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They have teeth—and they use them.

Gif via Giphy

They go on strike for unclear reasons, leaving your boobs and emotions on fire.

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They turn into acrobats, twisting around and climbing up your face or off your lap, dragging your nipple along with them.

Gif via

It feels a bit like wrangling an octopus (h/t Beth and baby B!).

Gif via

Or a snapping turtle.

Gif via Reddit

They know they own you and will sidle up to that milk bar any damn time they want.

Gif via Tumblr

Everyone wants to know when you're going to stop breastfeeding. Soon? Now? And we're all: Go to hell.

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But you secretly think about quitting. All the time. Because, well, you'd like to get drunk. Maybe sleep in and then down lots and lots of coffee.

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But you just keep going, because, well:

Gif via Giphy

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