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9 Things Every Kid of a Millennial Experiences

My 3-year-old likes to snapchat our dance parties. It's my fault, really. I am a brand new snapper, and I have been a little obsessed. I started showing her my snaps after I post them and she normally wants to watch them at least five times before she gets bored and runs off to play. Now, when we're cutting a rug to "All About That Bass," she yells, "Let's make a video of me dancing!"

Watching my daughter interact with technology has had me thinking about how us millennials are much different parents than every generation of parents before us. We grew up with technology, and some of us don't even remember a time before the Internet was a thing. The majority of us are hyperconnected, which means our kids often are, too. Now, 1 in 5 moms were born sometime between the 1980s and the 2000s, meaning roughly one-fifth of the kids out there are offspring of millennial parenting. Here's how you know you've got a kid of a millennial in your hands.

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1. They want to Instagram lunch

I recently taught our toddler how to use the camera on our phones. The very first words out of her mouth? "Mom! I need to take a picture of your salad."

2. There are more pictures of their first week of life than there are of your entire childhood

There are several hundred pictures of my children on the cloud, so why are my walls still bare? #badparent

3. They have dietary restrictions and they know it

"I'm off sugar." "Is that gluten-free?" "I can't have milk, it makes me sick." I have come to expect to hear these things from fellow moms, but lately I have been hearing it from their kids, too.

4. They've eaten more quinoa than they have Happy Meals

5. They share a name with someone 80 years their senior

Over the last few weeks, I have met a 5-week-old Oswald, a 2-year-old Oscar and a 4-year-old Maebel. (We happen to have a Clementine and a Hazel in our home.)

6. Mom has been crowdsourcing her Facebook friends for an explanation of a mystery rash or weird bowel movement

C'mon mom. Don't you know that once something is on the Internet, it is always out there?

7. Still rear-facing—at 4

While our parents are now wondering how we survived our janky car seats or no car seat at all, millennial parents are taking no risks when it comes to car seat safety.

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8. They're in touch with their emotions

Thanks to Daniel Tiger and Aha! Parenting, we just might be raising the most emotionally intelligent kids yet.

9. They know the cow says moo, the sheep says baa and the fox says "hatee! hatee! hatee! ho!"

Image via SparkCBC/ Flickr

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