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Grandparents Say the Darndest Things

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When I was pregnant with my first son, my father asked if I intended to breastfeed and I answered that I did not. If you've ever had your father lecture you on the importance of breastfeeding, I highly recommend that you avoid it! The best part was that my mother never breastfed me. "How come it was okay when Mom chose to formula feed me?" I asked and he shrugged and answered, "That was Mom's decision." Apparently her decisions are more valid than mine?

This type of flip-flopping didn't stop with my first child. When I was pregnant with my second, I told my parents we intended to give our son the middle name "Blackburn," a family name of my husband's. My father, a devout Catholic, expressed concern about our child having a non-Christian middle name. Guess what my middle name is? Buren, my mother's maiden name.

There are all types of old rules that go out the window when our parents become grandparents, or new standards that crop up out of nowhere. Here are a few from adult children who watched their parents unapologetically flip the script:

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Emma: My mother watches TV with my son but didn't let us watch any.

Lauren: My mother did not allow me to have Barbies. And yet has given MANY to my 2 and 4-year-old daughters.

Meg: Cooking a separate dinner based on kid's preferences. When I was a kid, Mom wouldn't have done this in a million years. Also, bribery/rewards with sweets. After spending time with grandma, my daughter expects a lollipop for things like putting on her shoes or climbing into her car seat.

When I remarked that she would never have allowed shopping there if it had been around when I was a kid, she shrugged and responded, "different rules."

Annie: My father told me that it wasn't good for teenagers to work. My siblings and I were dumbfounded. Did I mention that I started working at an amusement park when I was 14? I also had to yell at my father for playing ball in the house with my nephew. PLAYING BALL IN THE HOUSE!

Claire: My mom used to be super-restrictive with sweets and to be honest, it gave me a complex about food. Guess who now takes pride in giving my son all the cookies and ice cream he wants and acts like I'm the bad guy when I say he's had enough?

Rachelle: I had to scold my parents for playing on the stairs and playing a game that involved opening the bathroom door when someone was inside! Also, you only need to read two books at bedtime, not 20. I have to go in and tell Grandma that it's way past bedtime!

Ann: My mom purchased clothes from Justice (shudder) because she wanted to be the cool grandma who bought gifts from the cool store. When I remarked that she would never have allowed shopping there if it had been around when I was a kid, she shrugged and responded, "different rules."

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Kristel: My mom scolds me when I yell at my kids or really discipline/correct them in any way... but my mom used to LOSE it on us.

Leeandra: My six-year-old nephew (who does not live with my Dad) has more toys at my Dad's house than my brother and I had combined throughout our entire childhoods. Also, my mother flips out about bad, neglectful parents when she hears about children below the age of ten or so within a five-mile radius of a running lawn mower. We have a photo of my five-year-old brother mowing the lawn.

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