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15 Times I Was "That Mom"

Photograph by Twenty20

Let's face it, we've all been "that mom" from time to time. The mom who finds herself counting to three despite the fact that she swore she would never do it or who has totally contemplated how to pass off a top knot and yoga pants as appropriate "going out attire" on more than one occasion.

Recently I've found myself utilizing #thatmom on so many of my Instagram photos that I decided it was probably time to document all of my #thatmom transgressions. These are just a few...

1. The times I've wiped my kids' faces with my spit.

2. The times I pulled out my wallet to purchase something and tiny, plastic toys spilled out all over the counter.

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3. The times I sat in my driveway or drove around aimlessly to prolong a blessed car nap.

4. The times I dressed my children in matching outfits.

5. The times I dressed my children to match my outfit.

6. The times I attempted to bring my children out in public and they proceeded to act like it was their first time in civilization, i.e. like wild animals.

7. The times I've chosen to forgo good coffee in favor of barely drinkable liquid caffeine from a drive-thru in order to avoid getting my kids out of the car.

8. The times I've wiped my kid's snot on my sleeve or hand for lack of alternative option.

9. The times I've come home from an outing only to realize that my clothing is askew in some form or another (peanut butter fingerprints, boogers, milk leaks, inside out shirt...the list goes on and on...)

10. The times I ran a quick errand with my children while looking a hot mess and ran into people I knew.

11. The times I've been seen pushing around an empty stroller while wearing/carrying both of my children.

12. The times I used baby wipes to clean EVERYTHING.

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13. The times I snuck treats in a different room to avoid sharing with my kids.

14. The times I insisted on taking 20 photos before we could leave the house much to their chagrin , because: childhood memory documentation.

15. The times I hugged them 8,000,000 times in a single day and plastered them with kisses, because I love them to the moon and back.

Share your own #thatmom moment in the comments below! I can't wait to hear them!

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