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The Secret Perks of Nursing

It's easy to find reasons to nurse your new baby (and, no doubt, the hospital staff and 10,000 strangers will tell you all about how important nursing is). For instance, there's no paying indecent amounts of money for formula, it might make losing the baby weight easier, and it can be a great way to bond with your new infant.

But there are other great reasons to breastfeed that have nothing to do with cost, weight loss or bonding.

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After nearly four years of nursing over the course of three children, I've discovered some other pretty great perks of nursing.

1. A chance to be an introvert

As an introvert, I tend to get worn out at social events, so the excuse to slip away for 20 minutes and read a book or just day dream while my baby eats is just about my favorite thing.

2. Your partner gets all the other duties

The toddler needs breakfast? I'll just be here in bed nursing the newborn. My husband will have to manage everything else. The number one reason I don't want to feed my baby formula is? My husband would be able to feed the baby and I might have to go deal with a toddler diaper malfunction (but of course, when it's 2 a.m. and my baby is starving, formula that my husband could dispense sounds pretty awesome).

3. You can blame all spills on nursing

That slosh of soda down my shirt may be all my fault, but I can blame lactating instead of clumsiness (or sleep deprivation).

4. A free breast augmentation trial

Try before you buy, and all that. Will you really like being a size D? How will your clothing fit when your chest is suddenly notably bigger? (In my case, the answers are 1) no and 2) very poorly). Let's not talk about the fact that post-nursing, you're likely to get a non-trial version of a breast reduction.

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5. An excuse to bow out of anything

Dull dinner party, playgroup or phone call? "Sorry, I've got to go feed my baby." It's basically fool-proof. Who wants to starve a baby? Only someone completely heartless, is who.

Any other secretly great reasons to nurse?

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