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7 Reasons I Love Having Two in Diapers

Almost every time someone is getting close to the birth of a second child, they seem to feel this intense pressure to have their first child potty trained before that next baby is born.

Two children in diapers? No, thank you!

But even though my first daughter was nearly 2.5 when my second daughter was born, I opted to not even think about potty training until about four months later. And when my third daughter was born, I waited until six months after her birth to potty train my second daughter.

Two little bottoms to change? You bet.

Here's why having two children wearing diapers doesn't bother me one bit.

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1. I live in fear of regression.

I wasn't that excited about potty training my daughter once. I definitely didn't want to do it twice.

By the time my second pregnancy was winding down, I'd heard so many stories about children who were completely potty trained regressing like crazy after a new baby came along and throwing everything off. I wasn't that excited about potty training my daughter once. I definitely didn't want to do it twice.

2. I'm a diaper-changing machine.

Look, I'm not a brand-new parent. I've changed thousands of diapers. I can change a dirty diaper with my eyes closed. Adding a few extra diaper changes to my day doesn't faze me at all.

3. A toddler doesn't go through that many diapers.

Those newborns cruise through diapers like they are going out of style, but a toddler only needs to be changed a couple of times a day.

4. Potty training and sleep deprivation don't mix well.

Can we all admit that after a new baby is born, we're a little bit fried and short-tempered? Potty training is stressful. In order to not scar my child for life by freaking out on them when they have an accident, I really need to be getting more sleep than the third trimester or first months of a new baby allow.

5. Diapers are so convenient!

If you've had a newly potty trained child, you know that it's always urgent. Inevitably they need a bathroom at the least convenient moment and then you're abandoning a full grocery cart back by the milk cases and sprinting, baby in tow, to the (filthy) bathrooms. With a diaper, you can wait until you get out to the car or home to change that little bum. No such luxury with a toilet-trained child.

6. With a new baby, that older child can seem so OLD.

I don't mind an excuse to let them be my baby just a little bit longer, at least in some ways.

7. Older children are usually easier to train.

Waiting until my girls were approaching 3 meant that potty-training was pretty straight-forward. A pack of new undies, a couple of accidents, and four or five days, and it was done. No weeks and weeks of dealing with potty training (which is good, because after about three days, I'm ready to be done and move on with my life).

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Did you wait to potty train your older child until after your second was born? Or did the thought of two kids in diapers just seem too awful?

Photograph by Janssen Bradshaw

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