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15 Reasons I'm Ready For Fall

I know many of you love Fall. Probably just as much as I do, but I'm going to go out on a limb (a limb covered in changing leaves, of course) and say I love it a little more than the regular gal.

For upwards of twenty years, I've been a back to school junkie, and thus, love September. My birthday is the first week of October, another reason I love Fall. By November the rain is falling hard and often in Washington. I promise, if you've never fallen asleep to the sound of a Pacific Northwest rainstorm pelting your rooftop, you haven't truly lived. My list goes on and on, and so, a proper list seems imperative when giving Fall a true welcome! Here's 15 reasons I'm ready for Fall this year...

1. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is making her comeback! September 8th if you'd like to join my unofficial countdown.

2. Rain boots, ankle boots, knee high boots - they're all fabulous and they all partner with cozy socks who are aching to see my un-pedicured toes.

3. Do you smell those freshly sharpened pencils? I do! Especially because I snagged this gem for our colored pencil stash this year. The kids and I are now set for afternoons of family coloring. Oh yes, mama is joining in thanks to this pretty!

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4. Soup! Once the weather turns I can't help but whip up a batch of Quinoa Chicken Chili and this particular Taco Soup. Good the first day, even better the next! And truly, all comfort food comes alive in the Fall.

5. The end of allergies; at least for me. Goodbye death pollen. You shall not be missed.

6. Better weather. I get that this statement is subjective based on personal preference and where you live, but here in the Pacific Northwest the heat waves are gone and there is no sign of snow. It's a perfect medium.

7. Sundown now times with the kiddo's bedtime. Hallelujah!

The Fall brings order and structure. I couldn't be happier or more ready.

8. Target's back-to-school section. Need I say more? I've never felt more in love with the Sharpie selection and the nifty little notebooks for all my mama list-making.

9. Guess what debuts shortly before baby #3's due date? Sounds like a girlfriend's outing just made it on to the calendar for late November!

10. Walks in the rain. We all have umbrellas and North Face shells for a reason so don't let a little drizzle keep you in doors! As I tell my kids, "People don't melt!"

11. My scarf collection is back in action! I promise you this, I'll be an 80-year-old grandma adding scarves to every possible outfit and every one will have a story. My favorites thus far include a rich mustard and burgundy print my sister brought me back from her trip to Italy and the basic black cowl my bestie knit for me.

12. The return of a schedule. This could be my Type-A showing through, but summer for us is so willy nilly. No week is the same. The Fall brings order and structure. I couldn't be happier or more ready.

13. Changing leaves. I mentioned them once and I'll do it again, because they're truly amazing!

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14. On behalf of my family, I'll add football. My daughter has become quite a fan of her Seahawks and I will admit that I enjoy the gatherings and camaraderie that the football season brings.

15. Finally, ever mama's dream has potential to occur in the Fall. Kids napping, fire blazing (or a candle flickering), a good book in one hand and a warm cookie in the other. Fall perfection.

Adios Summer, see you in 2016, we're all about celebrating Fall now! What are you most ready for now that the Fall season is upon us?

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Photograph by: Twenty20/tripsdad

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