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McDonald's Menu Announcement is a Game-Changer for Moms

If you ask the pampered parents in my Southern California neighborhood, a "happy meal" is one that's organic and farm-to-table. Most people I know were thoroughly grossed out by the Morgan Spurlock documentary "Supersize Me" and wouldn't be caught dead bringing their kids to Mickey D's, no matter how much fun the Play Place might be.

Well that's all about to change, at least in my family. McDonald's just announced that beginning October 6, they will serve their famous breakfast items ALL DAY LONG. Let that sink in for a minute. Breakfast. All day. Never again will you arrive at the drive thru at 10:31 a.m. only to be denied an Egg McMuffin and hash browns, which if you ask me, are the best things on the menu.

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The change comes too late for the Michael Douglas character in "Falling Down" who goes postal in McDonald's after being refused his breakfast order. But sign me and my family up! Come October, we will definitely add McDonald's as an option for "Brinner"—you know, breakfast for dinner—an illustrious list that also includes IHOP, Denny's and our local diner.

These are good options for me when I'm trapped in my car, driving around a sleeping baby who won't transfer.

Not only are many of McDonald's breakfast items tastier than the regular menu (I mean, come on, which would you rather eat: a syrupy McGriddle or a sketchy Filet o Fish?), but some of them are actually healthier too. The Egg McMuffin is Weight Watchers approved and only 300 calories. The oatmeal and yogurt parfaits are even lighter. These are good options for me when I'm trapped in my car, driving around a sleeping baby who won't transfer. Way better than the jalapeno poppers at Carl's Jr., which has been my guilty go-to for emergencies.

Another reason I'm psyched for all-day breakfast is that I can find more vegetarian items. I've been a veggie since I was a kid. Whenever we went to McDonald's, the rest of my family would load up on quarter pounders and I'd be stuck eating fries and shakes. Ok, admittedly, that wasn't horrible. But now I've got lots of choices, including a veggie style McMuffin, hold the sausage.

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The once venerable McDonald's has seen declining sales, due in part to today's more health conscious consumer. Perhaps all-day breakfast is the magic ingredient for turning it around. But if they want my kids to be really stoked for the new breakfast rules, they should throw in some Minions with the sausage biscuits.

Moms, are you excited about the breakfast news, or is your opinion of McDonald's unchanged?

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Photograph by: Twenty20/jacquiecooks

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