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Why Having Three Kids Is Going To Be Awesome

Photograph by Twenty20

While my husband and I were dating and still in the getting to know you stage, I remember a distinct Red Robin conversation where he asked, "So, how many kids do you want to have?" I danced inside, thinking, "Someone is thinking about the future, the far, far future... with me!" And then I calmly replied, "Four."

Speed ahead a decade or so and that future thinking college sweetheart of mine and I are married with two children and a third baking in my well-worn oven. I laugh at the idea of four children, because, let's be honest, two has been quite an adventure. And now, based on the midnight dance party we've been having lately in my belly, Baby #3 is going to spice up my day to day with another dose of wild.

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So, there's the facts. And now I'm constantly on the look out for gems of positivity in regard to my upcoming promotion to mom of three. Most things I hear are followed by laughing-til-I'm-crying and wine glass emojis. Those stop me dead in my tracks because my, oh my, I already feel that way with just two! Perhaps with three children I'll be adding the margarita and crazy face emoji as well!

But no mom I asked said she'd return her third for the simplicity of two. They all ended their thoughts with lots of heart emojis and thankfulness. So, to all the naysayers who say we have our hands full or ask how we manage, here's a hefty dose of positivity. These thoughts are our mantra, our survival guide, the things we choose to meditate on each day as we soak up the blessing of three wonderful children.

"My favorite thing [about three children] is watching the older two with their baby brother. Especially my oldest daughter. There's nothing like this insane intense love they have for him." -Kristin

"The relationships are all so different, yet so amazing to watch unfold." - Kristen

They are so much the same but so different in their own ways.

"The Psych major in me loves that true birth order personalities come out with three kids. I like that it's way more of a challenge than two kid was for me. I love watching the baby learn from his older siblings which in turn means he masters so much more than they did at his age." - Erika T.

"With my three babes, they were so close together, that raising them up seemed to be at the same time. As they have become young women, I love to watch them become good friends and take the lead role as each one needs the other. They are so much the same but so different in their own ways." - Denise

"With three, I feel like the laughter and smiles have multiplied exponentially! My older kids have asked so many questions about pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding. I feel like they are learning so much about sharing, about gentleness, about caring for others and being aware of how their body andvoice affects others." - Erika L.

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For me, I was raised as one of three. All of my memories include my two sisters. They are my greatest treasure in life, my best friends. I applaud my mama for juggling the task of three children, and if I inherited an ounce of her strength I know I'll rock this mom of three thing.

Stay tuned for a dose of my reality in early 2016 when I earn my official mom of three badge. I'm sure I'll have mounds of advice when reality arrives in full force ... insert laughing-til-I'm-crying emoji here.

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