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7 Ways to Jinx Yourself Into Getting Pregnant

I'm not a very superstitious person and I don't fall prey to old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy, but a tiny part of me can't help but wonder if it's possible to "jinx" yourself pregnant. Amongst friends and family, I've noted trends in common occurrences that seem to happen prior to becoming pregnant. Of course all these things are probably just coincidence, but hey, if you're trying to get pregnant, trying a silly jinx to help things along couldn't possibly hurt, right?

Here are seven things that seem to be potential pregnancy "jinxes."

1. Start a new health and fitness routine

This has literally happened with both of my pregnancies. Right before getting pregnant, I had gotten into a great new health and fitness routine. I was finally finding my stride and making progress—I even wrote a blog post about how I was "finally finding my abs!"and then BAM! I'm pregnant and exhausted and nothing that isn't a carb or cheese sounds good. So much for that health kick!

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2. Stock your home bar

Stocking your home bar with all the libations you love best is basically just asking to get knocked up. This happened to me with my last pregnancy. I went out and bought a bottle of my favorite gin and stocked the fridge with wine and hard cider and the next day I had an inkling to take a pregnancy test. Yep. Totally pregnant. See you in nine months, boozy stockpile!

3. Get into your "goal jeans"

Work your buns off to squeeze them back into "that" pair of jeans (you know the ones), only to realize you're pregnant and they'll soon be too tight once more. I'm pretty sure it's the Murphy's Law of pregnancy or something.

Planning a vacation—particularly one that involves sitting on a beach and drinking cocktails all day—just might end up being a pregnancy jinx.

4. Get rid of all your old baby gear

This has happened to so many people I know. They think they're done having children, and proceed to give away all their old baby gear and clothes only to be met with a fun little surprise: PREGNANCY! Time to start collecting all those essentials once again.

5. Plan a fun vacation

Planning a vacation—particularly one that involves sitting on a beach and drinking cocktails all day—just might end up being a pregnancy jinx. Trust this, since it comes from a lady who spent an entire Caribbean cruise with a giant pregnant belly and nothing but ginger ale.

6. Have a crazy night out

I'm not actually a big drinker, but both times I got pregnant, it was after a night where I consumed more drinks than is typical. Apparently guilt and stress are a great way to start out nine months of growing a human life.

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7. Update your wardrobe

Purge your closet and fill it with items you love including shoes and pretty new undergarments, and you're basically getting pregnant. Have fun squeezing a growing belly, boobs and feet into all those new things. Been there. Done that.

What things did you do that seemed to "jinx" you into getting pregnant?

Photograph by: Coeur de La Photography

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